wrong woman Lang

Male be afraid of wrong line afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang
In fact, I feel that they are woman, has been married for six years, but the feelings of husband and wife. I always consider themselves married the wrong man. Sir go to bed in the evening always snoring, and I did not get a good night’s sleep, and often slept in a bed, with my daughter to sleep.
Rarely communicate talk, he rarely take the initiative to make me happy, I sometimes because of a bit bagatelle with his anger, weeks of not talking to him.
I feel I have paid a lot, but not his love. Every day, I will get up early to make breakfast, to send her daughter to kindergarten, then get to work. At night, sometimes with her daughter back to cooking. Wash the dishes, to her daughter take a showerOFweek LED forward-looking, wash the clothes. To coax her to bed. He told me to sleep in separate beds. The rationale for me, I am very angry.
Sometimes feel married he was wronged, have a look to others, love husband wife envy. Besides, he is in the backward rural grew up, her mother-in-law doesn’t live with us, home all, have to do, is very laborious.
Always think why I married such a man. Good do not choose, regret. But for the daughter, managed.
Many women in the emotional problems, would say: I have eyes but fail to see married the wrong person!
This saying is easy, sonorous and forceful, as if all the” truth” in the woman’s hand! But? Perhaps it is only a woman to shirk responsibility.
Ancient have” male be afraid of wrong line afraid of marrying the wrong woman man”. It is the ancient ah, then the woman is no right to choose, what kind of man in total submission to the words of a match-maker parents. So we have the” marry a chicken with chicken to follow” patience and obedience. I have never so much.
So today? Most of our woman married time is their own choice? Most marriages are free? Why will” marry the wrong man”? Even the occasional mistake, so we should have a correct and the ability to repair? Why are so many women may face heart does not jump that he married the wrong man willingly to bear and forbear?
Can say now,” marry the wrong man” assumption does not exist. Those who say that they” married the wrong man” woman, is it right? Can reflect on your own — you are” on” people?
Can say, said he ” married the wrong man” woman, basic is shirking responsibility person, this person has any problems from the others to find the reasons. Due to her starting point — that I was right!
The crux of the problem is here. The woman you have doubted themselves? If you are “bad”, so whether you meet what person, is” wrong”.
We will find this phenomenon. With a violent husband divorced woman, later remarried, is still a violent husband. Why? Is it right? Because the woman ‘s own problems?
Each person in his growing process, developed a set of measures to protect himself. These measures can be mature, strong, also can saying is not mature, fragile. Buck is derived from the self-preservation mechanism, is a human instinct.
Unfortunately, most people do not clearly aware of their own have fallen into the captive model, its result is the loss of self and responsible spirit, Buck became their inertia. Women will always pass the buck to the master, when we find problems against others, electrician’s exquisite articlesdisguised himself as the innocent victim. So the woman.
Let us look at the issue from another angle : the reason why meets the wrong person, be not” on our own”. Only you” on”, you can meet the” on” people, so that you have” the” marriage,” to” marriage” to create” children, it is not strenuous life.

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