wedding detail to expose

Zhang Jie thanks a Nuo wedding detail to expose:The chartered plane invites good friend to fly fragrant space liraLED believes a horse

The morning of Xiao Xiang reports September 6 from Xie Nuo2 of the seventh night of the seventh moon after the tiny Bo announcement married Xun, bridegroom, Zhang Jie, records a program to open the fan club busy not to stop recently, of a dignified workaholic power, seem 2 people’s wedding affair also consign Xie Nuo2 ‘s full power to carry out.LED the strong screen

Yesterday 《every day upward 》record the spot, start to discuss about a good friend wedding of the unbearable Pu of Wang Han of”mango football team” detail, call that Zhang Jie has already prepared a grand wedding in the fragrant space lira, and thanks Nuo to be also preparing and planning to be a beautiful bride in the strain currently.This is ex- the program taking part in some file records in, Zhang Jie also gladly means to disguise as an angel of Xie Nuo2 s, and call to be preparing a mysterious gift for her, as for wedding guest, Zhang Jie Zhi means”I will charter a plane to invite friend to take part in when the time comes, the form of wedding is very novel and have a sky, links, such as set firework, gorgeous night sky and multicolored garland…etc., have much of a dreamlike color.”LED company use

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