love next time when

Divorce I the in love next time when?
Some people left several marriage, some family top and bottoms 2 all divorced ……is it a certain person that specially and easily divorce?

Aim at these problems, University of Boston in the United States a group of researchers compared 8000 rightnesses of males together the marital status and divorce rate of egg twins and different egg twins, lately study a detection, the divorce possibility has relation with gene.lamp designs reformThe research of University of Boston, brings about a gene research field many discussions and controversy.

-Have once”divorce gene” say, this report once did a similar discussion in the past, local marriage family problem research the expert once understood to query as well.Why do some people divorce for many times?The local expert thinks that still being personal is subjective to result in, not other so-called and objective”science research” …

Round city to keep shot:This man not word such as his person

The sunlight is brilliant that May LED lamp export

Speaking of to everyone don’t joke, I is pass marriage proposal understanding I now of husband’s dispute of.At that time after I divorced, a person took a kid to work hard in Shanghai, really tired.

The viewpoint that I admit that I re-marry is:”I want to seek to depend on, Anne has peace of mind nature over the second half generation son.”I lay to once register, but discovered that the marriage that I meet lies very to the marriage the norm spend not not a few wrong money.

Think now come, that time I with 《pink girl 》inside of”get married wildly” is similar, one heart wants to seek a companion for getting married, drive the friends joke left once marry return”the dead doesn’t repent”.

In order to lying in the marriage meet rejection,LED televisionI think that simply I reported a paper marriage proposal to get.

At that time the condition of my marriage proposal BE:The university is above, there is house in Shanghai, there is stable economic income.Marriage proposal after, I receive not a few application for letters.I pick in the middle of being recruited letter together with parents, we almost picked to suffer a stroke.My daddy favors first of is a dispute that writes very atmospheric word.

My first-time marriage, the former husband comes from a country, because the mind is narrow excessive suspect but invite us to finally break up.He wrote for me a to seal after divorcing thick thickly repent letter, the word writes very airtightly very small, give us the whole family to leave a deep impression, my daddy feels deeply about a word again and again like its person, but the word of dispute very the atmosphere is bold and unconstrained and give our first impressions very good.

After hard finishing reading an application for a letter, the dispute became to draw on a person more:He says that he divorced, one female and former wife led and owned two companies, 1 is his own, one is what he matches a camp with friend, he still has 3 suite sons by himself.The condition like this is to have no overly critical.

I invite he meets, time meet I have a little oddness,居家不可不知的20條風水禁忌 he owns two he of companies but has no a car.Our appointment has a meal to go shopping, he gives my impression very generous.

We are “51″ of last year long leave understandings of, he keeps making him very busy, led “51″ and want the busy business to be on business, so, I urge him to get to conclude marriage certificate together on May 20.

May, 2004 of each in my memory all sunlight brilliant.

The friendses all advised me to want the Zheng big eyes before matrimony at that time, slicing can not the gist, can I ain’t afraid.I urge him to marry a certificate to the bow tie on my own initiative and have much of confidence to the our combining because of me:A come I am really to like him, he understands romantic feeling very much and grow also one form talented person, two come I also have confidence to I.

I feel to absorb the first-time precept that the marriage fails, will be little to walk curved road.After having already concluded marriage certificate especially, everyone will compare to compromise the other party.But now, I discover, I am what immature, these viewpoints are willing just a Xiang.

Is he lending money to fall in love with me?

Matrimony in a little while, I discover that his mode of thinking is very strange.For example say that the television inside some A cheated some B, everyone will say some AN isn’t good, don’t should swindle, can he but not, he thinks that can say that is some B is getting more stupid too much.

The honeymoon hasn’t finished leading, he wants money to me and says lending 8000 dollars to return his friend.Ask him why lend money, he unexpectedly says a period of time that we fall in love, his expense all borrow° from friend.

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