essential civil betrothal

The traditional wedding essential civil betrothal
The Chinese wedding of tradition spreads till today already big out of shape.The wedding of modern people pursues in brief have a lot of etiquettes have already been neglected.The betrothal of ancient times folks is a lot of to pay attention to and leak different culture.

Comb:So-called”on combing throughout, two comb grey hair together eyebrow, three comb Sun Man Tang”, the comb contains idea of”knot hair”, particularly grey-haired mutually Chuang, point husband and wife to love each other to mutually guard from cradle to the grave, reach old age together.Zhang Jia Gang LED

Chinese foot son:The quantity has, in marital life lead shen in order to measure happy standard, point 100 sons thousands, the happy source far flows to grow, also in the meantime is will live the wish that the business climb step by step from now on to the New appointee.

Embroider flower shoe:Shoe and”Jie” together sound,LED the industry new rule implied meaning the husband and wife are very loving and care for each other always and reach old age together in the fine years spending heavy rich brocade and totally bathe living magnificent and fragrant.

Satisfied:Get material from a traditional wedding rites is more convenient than the bridegroom uncovers a bride red cover head of satisfied steelyard, treasure is parents to send to celebrate for marriage for marrying off a daughter now, hope daughter the life from now on is gratifying and satisfactory, the husband and wife are satisfied and united at heart.

Mirror:Represent successfully, satisfactory, and the implied meaning bride’s Zi permits beautiful, it is to sweet bride’s marital life to happily wish a wish;Days pass even if still keep keeping alive the fervor of youth, the flower permit the looks in month of fine consign.

All Dou:Originally measure the tool of food, at marriage rite is more convenient than to show male square’s wealth strong, come from well off family, the daughter can also lead after marrying over up well-clad and well-fed, easily without the wealthy life of sorrow.

Scissors:Is one of”six certificates”s in the traditional wedding, mainly make clothing to tailor in the life of use, silks and satins, future prospects rich brocade marriage the bride of implied meaning in the rite to live after getting married, share the glory honor and riches of life.

Abacus:Living is more convenient than the calculation tool that raises income and expenditure on the whole, the marriage celebrates rite in of thousand foot gold abacus,Whole heat exchangers implied meaning New appointee to the ideal and programming of future quiet and peaceful and wealthy life, can reasonable investment and finance, win widely luxuriant source of money.

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