register matrimony

The police breaks rules to let to flee from home to surrender to justice and girl friend to register matrimony for two years
“Can give you with kid’s a honor and duties, I also had peace of mind in the jail.”With have the wife of more than 9 months pregnancy to get an end marriage certificate after, He Wen(use alias) sits ascend police car.On the night of August 1, 2009, after He Wen commit to harm a person a case, the abscondence started career for two years.In two years,industry investment He Wen Dong hides Tibet, the girl friend is small to once have been following behind nearby, 2 people tasted all the sweet and bitter experiences.

On September 19, 2011, lines up in the foreign Yu City bridge domestic affairs bureau doorway full come the men and women of marriage register, among them completed marriage register inside a rightness of the room that men and women is under accompanying of three people Jingses and set up a green way at the time.The man of this”open small cooking stove” takes turns recently Yu the police develops of”pure net activity” bring to the court for prosecution of escaped convict He Wen, his wife is small to once have already had the pregnancy in more than 9 months at this time.After procedure carries out to complete, He Wen doesn’t give up ground and wife’s farewell:” Be I go out a part-time job and take good care of oneself.”

Before surrendering to justice, implore with pregnancy the girl friend get marriedLED downstream bottleneck

For arresting as soon as possible what text bring to the court for prosecution, from August, this year, the police four times goes to village Wei and twice go to what text Be located on the in home of mark village, as to it’s the family carry on thoughting an educating and clarify the hardships in the mental antinomy and abscondence life of escaping the personnel and mobilize escaped convict the family members admonish it to as early as possible give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice.Know in the meantime what text in the foreign Yu stone building town and once the river door take out to have no, the police goes to what text work of the stone building grounds, such as town and river retail sales…etc. urge he/she gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice.

August, at and the conversation of He Wen’s uncle in, the police knows what the girl friend of text small once had already had a pregnancy for 7 month,LED transform light Report police hence take this as the uncle who mobilize what text of breakthrough to advise he/she brings to the court for prosecution.On September 16, the police received the telephone that He Wen’s uncle beats, in the telephone, he said, He Wen would like to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice on one’s own initiative, but he has a wish to want to complete before surrendering to justice, be with oneself already pregnant’s girl friend in body Be small to once register matrimony, the his claim police can help he/she completes this wish.

“He could put forward this to request at that time, we felt that he was a true plan to surrender to justice.”Fish nest head the police substation vice- bureau chief Lin Zhi’s mark tells a reporter, after in many ways considering, the police agreed what the claim of text.On the morning of September 19, sneak away for more than two years of He Wen go to fish nest under the accompanying of family head the police substation gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice, such as solid explaination smooth participation signing a factory street corner beat up the victim’s crime fact in the mark village on August 1, 2009.The police immediately makes contact with marriage registry in the domestic affairs bureau, LED LCD TVand arranged three domestic affairs bureaus that the people Jings drive to are small He Wen and its mother and girl friends to once send to foreign Yu area to carry out to get married register.

He says to the wife while taking leave:”You are I did a part-time job!”

He Wen is very excited while carrying on a rites, simple signature commitment, he falls a pen such as thousand catties of heavy, carry out process in, the police, who also beg to aside accompany, helps to take photo to keep as memory.After completing to register, He Wen immediately instructs mother and elder brother to take small once produced check at the big hospital.He again concussion again not give up ground to walk last police car, time finally leave, he at small wife once of the ear said:”You are I did a part-time job, the father mother can also farm now, can also with generation I look after you, you must well wait I come back!”On the police car, He Wen holds to handle a case people Jing’s hand to say:”Thank you to help I complete wish, our 1 all appreciate you.”

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