8 Tips before the wedding to maintain your figure

Before the wedding is to maintain TIPS:

1. A rational allocation of three meals a day. Early Chinese appetite can intake point, eating dinner, or to replace the fruit to prevent the excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

2. There are easy to eat as much as possible satiety, low calorie foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, wax gourd, cucumber, cabbage, beans, watermelon, apples and other vegetables and fruits lowest calorie content.

3. Three meals a day as we choose low-fat food, the attention of protein supplement, for example, can eat low-fat fish and drink plenty of skim milk.

4. Multi-eating fiber-rich vegetables, such as leek, broccoli, beans and so on, to help daily Paidu

5. More than a cup of tea can be excluded from the body’s fat. Oolong tea, lemon tea, Pu’er tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea are the effectiveness of Fat Reducer

6. Less cooking oil, butter, high heat seasonings, more onion, ginger, garlic sauce, such as natural alternatives.

7. 4 hours before going to bed not eating as much as possible, otherwise the Food and easily converted into fat accumulation.

8. Alcohol is also belong to the scope of high-calorie, the heat after the fat, so as little as possible or do not drink alcohol but drank a glass of wine per day.

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