Still need to look up at when

I have been aming looking up at, everybody has been being looking up at.

Childhood, the parents would are absolute being in my eyes.They understand everything, they will teach you should not do this, should not do that, they also teach you to learn this, should learn that.They have very big energy, can tightly hold tight the center of palm that you beat you when you make mistake.They have very great intelligence, can complete complicated composite picture for you and tell the story of beautiful prince and princess for you.Hence,high-efficiency my beginning with together age person’s disputing my own parents is a greatness is the most severe most .I start looking up at parents.

Young, the teacher raises gradually in the position beginning in my heart.My always fantasizing I one day can stand on the platform, or relate the story of the help Red Army of Wang Er Xiao, or calculate 56 to add 65 of must count, point on the electronic organ to knock an a series of wonderful notes as well or by hand.I hope earnestly to become a teacher and accept the classmates adoring vision, however at that time of I, but can keep in mind to hold in high esteem to look up at them.

Again a little bit bigger, influence be subjected to surrounding the classmates, I mixed in to make track for a star clan.I look up at those stars, I feel the Yu Hao is handsomely clear, Zheng Yuan Chang is very cool, I feel that hero Lun in week sings a song very good to listen, Pan the rare cypress dancing is very good-looking.The crary powder silk pushes they ascended ivory crest, Rush togetherI look up at them together along with everyone.

And now, I appreciate the delicate language of Zhang Ai Ling and admire the special style of writing of Guo Jing Ming, I also fall overboard for a Cao text in the meantime the writing of the Xuan, I strongly lift up head to look up at them.

Since the childhood, I didn’t don’t just engrave to look up at other people while having no.I am finally understand:Because I want to attain Gao Dian Zhan whom the but again could not reach on the other people, I envy them, I admire them, so, I look up at them.

But people of this world and then did it ever be not so? benefit especially

The legend was absolute being to create world and create mankind, so people start hoping a sky to draw ten words to say “amen”.Because the ancient person won the battle that the other people can not win, so was pushed ascend Wang Zuo, listen to “long live” noise of shouting, accept looking up at of common people’s courtier.Until the “long live” expectation is broken by a time, until the pilot, who return, confirmed for nine days on the Buddha Zu bodhisattva Jesus God’s nonentity, people still can not give up their own faith with consign, people look for the person, matter and thing of “eminence”, then embrace the heart of loyalty of heart to look up at.

Is a person to live space falsely, so have to look up at, have to seek a thing that can consign an empty mind?Or the person live not simply self-confidently, too easy the other people’s advantage see into they could not reach of extreme limit?As well or the person live too to have no a sense of security,French Bordeaux with as for do they always look up at to make they feel the personnel with a silk asylum to deceive yourself as well as others?

Person all perhaps has already become accustomed to look up at.

But person, also need to look up at when?

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