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The net friend spread on his tiny Bo today(October 18) a《show business weekly magazine 》the picture of contents page, safe consciousness on the picture 《show business weekly magazine 》call that hero Lun in week has already registered matrimony in Europe.Call to have no knowledge to this its record company.

The net friend who has as”pinkdi” today is on his tiny Bo up spread a picture, in the picture is 《show business weekly magazine 》let out the news-week of an explosion hero Lun Europe register matrimony.

《Show business weekly magazine 》of call in the report way Tung in week makes longer a leave moment and take the 18-year-old half-blooded delicate mold Kun Ling and week mother’sautumn has a thick ideasecret swim Europe, is clapped Dong Lou Kun in week by the Chinese people visitor to traverse the irrefutable proof of shoulder to shine on in the French Marseilles port, the romance got a proof.After week Tung didn’t directly admit, but passed a tiny great square commitment”repairing one next time is positive”.The reporter receives fierce anticipate at ten come to hero Lun in week and the Kun in line in Europe in the swiming of sky to traverse have already secretly completed life important event, register matrimony in the region.Still up spread in that weekly magazine a Kun Ling  wears the white wedding dress is full of smiles of photograph.

《Show business weekly magazine 》still stuck a week hero Lun is a take sunglasses’ being dressed in is packing of photograph, and point out this to is a week hero Lun gets a certificate the dress on that day, “is solemn and impressive its matter, week Tung especially idea’s putting on is packing and more satisfiedly take photo to keep as memory, the celebration takes leave single.”

Magazine middle finger week hero Lun once preannounced marriage Xun when the lion city Singapore opened to sing, there are too many beauties in”probably taught at Ling Diao4 of Kun under learned sweet talk, Dong Qu Shi’s city of the week became glib while opening to sing recently, big great” Singapore’, and then say’your enthusiasm, I will definitely record in mind”.……Week Tung at sing on stage old make 《the battle of end 》 , burst out 1:”No matter what scandal gossip, still I want to be married, you still will listen to my song to?”

Know what happened a personage to 《show business weekly magazine 》explode to anticipate to call:”Kun age Ling  was young, but very reasonable lovely, week Dong Shuo compares any girl friends all understand she wants what, plus the mother who will beg for a week joyful, soon then make Tung in week almost affirm, they before go to Europe originally is don’t get married the planned, but the body romantic foreign country, feeling arrive thick unexpectedly brain hot at local register,Fang Chinathe mother who must also beat a week at that time noded to promise.Tung admits that the registration slightly shows impulse time week, but think again since affirm her, just a question of time, so is considering to seek appropriate opportune moment now surprised pleased to everyone.”

Fires away “prevention needle” for fan, week Dong Zhuan Tou goes abroad with newly married wife to spend a holiday again, makes up for a mistakes a formal honeymoon on the whole and also really has gusto.However filial piety of he not”married a daughter-in-law to forget Niang”, but still keep taking a mother to go together.The reader eyewitnesses 3 people to take together trip to Tokyo, Japan.

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