Married a nice

Married a nice day on November 11, 2011
This year’s bachelor stanza, the solitary atmosphere of river’s city may be replaced by the sweet atmosphere.The reporter went and saw yesterday the river’s city marriage celebrated a market to discover, although this year’s November 11 was a Friday,was still seen by the bride and groom-to-be make is a rare nice day.

“Several years before comparing, choose this year the bachelor stanza gets married of the number is the most.”Zhang disciple plan in Wuhan manages utility room the representative director is yellow crystal mean, minority of New appointees chose in “bachelor stanza” bowel movementto hold a wedding in early years, with celebration from now on 2 people escaped from single, but none of amounts was too many and included “6 a” in this year’s bachelor festival period, “whole life one a life time”, “of one heart and mind” of the love declaration developed throughout, and this day was also easy to record, therefore is greatly liked by New appointee.

Yesterday, reporter more than 20 marriages celebrated companies to understand from the pleased Chuang, the heart Shi dint, pleased full hall, and Xi valley…etc., currently the marriage on November 11′s celebrating slip have already connected full, among them heart Shi dint rite the plan center connect a list at most, have 20 near weddings on that day, line up poisonousthe company underneath host all together starts out, and minimal of the company also has 23 on that day.However because November 11 is Friday, majority of weddings all choose to hold in the evening, some cabarets still appeared the circumstance that time “fight”, have to arrange two rightnesses of New appointees”put together a list” to hold a wedding banquet.

This year January 1, because of date”four connect a”, river’s city a great deal of New appointee holds a wedding and makes the New Year’s Day particularly warm.The marriage celebrates an industry insider to anticipate, this year November 11 holds the number of wedding, may bear comparison with this year’s New Year’s Day.Prepare citizen, Ms. Liu,repairs water SPA who gets married on November 11 say, now young man no longer see lucky day, choose anti- for some alternative dates pour to make person’s impression deep.

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