marriage becomes

According to Hong Kong medium report way,Protect patrimony with Xie Ting Feng’s divorce don’t enough half year, threaten to have already in order prepare Zhang Bo Zhi of greeting the new romance, anxious court recently, she took to fly Thailand with two sons to spend a holiday and by the way sought teacher to point out recently.

After marriage becomes, the cypress Zhi is turned a letter Buddha by the Christian, and believe devoutly the Thai absolute being Buddha of being named”bamboo shoot whistle”, often leave for Tai to see the power high strong teacher,global marketimprecation the everyone is smooth and have already pointed cypress Zhi more, the in home places an absolute being altar, lovely son Lucas explodes to say to the cypress Zhi friend for visiting more and puts a full toy inside the Buddha building.Children say what they like!

60,000 buy a Buddha card

After”the passenger compartment breaks ice” affairs explodes in April, this year, Zhang Bo Zhi makes shield by Christian’s identity and declare to shine on with Yin male leading role Chen Guan rare break ice to clap a picture, is believe a lord behind forgive other people of action.

The marriage changes to make to a white-knuckle period in May, this year, the cypress Zhi spent 1,000,000 to ask a bamboo shoot whistle absolute being to come home oblation, after again give a cypress text to spend 150,000 to buy the bamboo shoot whistle absolute being Buddha’s card to urge a luck with body.Although have a still irretrievable result with the marriage of Ting Feng, cypress Zhi to the crazy heat of bamboo shoot whistle absolute being have already increased don’t reduce, regardless work many favour, the head quarter periodically gets to one mountain in Thailand in the temples and seeks teacher to add dint for the bamboo shoot whistle absolute being card on her body.

Reply single rich occupy industry, threaten the cypress Zhi that wants to clap to drag along, unexpectedly spreads a scandal with old partner, Zheng Yi Jian,family manage finance recently, point 2 people to usually mutually invite dinner party during the period of Chinese hinterland work, male square more a slice of 5 years that field explores a class and make the Yi noodles and girl friend received Jia Hui, the feeling raises an alarm.

November again return absolute being

The scandal makes, the cypress Zhi again starts out to fly Thailand to beg absolute being.Was taking movie in Shanghai and chapter son Yi on last Saturday 《dangerous relation 》of she, ignored Thai flood disaster keep on, eldest son Lucas and pediatric son Quintus as usual took a holiday, together with agent Emily and several friends, flew to°from Shanghai Thailand to play, by the way saw teacher.

Know what happened to say”now time go to Thailand in addition to having fun with two sons, hear to see teacher, hope earnestly to clap to drag along, may be beg opportunity!Ever since that time divorce with Ting Feng, the cypress Zhi often does obeisance a bamboo shoot whistle in Thailand with cypress text.Calculate to have no time to Thailand,living finance mangaing the cypress Zhis will give a cypress text, Hao dragon to seek nine dragon cities of’Tai Buddha store’ of the boss ask absolute being to return to house for her, that boss once tried to take cypress Zhi as well family go to Thailand return absolute being.Connect down November again again with Hao Long Zu Dui go to Thailand, don’t know cypress the Zhi will can’t follow by that time.”

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