Marriage album picture frame maintenance

Marriage can not get married according to missing, it can under the new inscription happiest moment of today’s marriage albums and frames are designed to be very attractive, so that you can not look at in a warm memories of every moment. But maintenance of a good marriage according to the album photo frame is not easy, if you do not know how to maintain and enlarge the photo album, then look closely at my suggestion it.

First, the preservation and maintenance of the album

1. Album from home, to avoid the sun or in moist environment, can also put some albums, such as desiccant or tobacco.

2. Album should be placed in the top drawer dry flat and not easily placed in the bottom drawer, to avoid damp, squeeze.

3 cardboard or plastic material items improperly preserved, it is easy to deformation, if you deform the album, the first album should be placed well, with some heavy objects (such as thick books) pressure in the album above, over time will return to a, and then double-check whether the store where the album too tide or sunlight, not flat, and if, it is necessary to properly pay attention to maintenance of way

4. Look at the album’s time to let light get light to avoid the album surface wear, such as water wet, please immediately dry with a cloth and, if available soft dirt twisted wet towel dry cloth.

5. If the album was water wet, please immediately dry with a cloth and, if available soft dirt twisted wet towel dry cloth.

Second, oil painting frame maintenance

1. Light Canal light put, careful not to bumps.

2. Canvas frame surface dust or dirt, just sign in with a soft wet towel to wipe dry screw. Because a wooden frame to help, can not be used  wet wipe.

3. Canvas frame by location can not be linked to direct exposure to the sun or damp.

4. Canvas box in addition to hanging on the wall, but also can be placed on the shelves paintings, will be more unique look.

5. Crystal should use their own homes parcels of surplus cotton cloth to prevent scratches

Third, linked to the attention of the security picture frame

1. Glass frame, placing must pay attention to safety. In particular the wedding day more than one person in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

2. In the hanging check oil paintings, crystal and other large frames, we must pay attention to security, the two big pendants flying, it is best to hit the wall with the expansion screw, and then get linked. Heavy objects such as large crystal pendant is best not to display in their own bedroom bed, that is, their own pillow top can be placed in or around the wall opposite the wall. Bed can be placed or light oil paintings, or mascots. After hanging, the best location in the photo at the bottom of the wall nail two nails dragging photos, photos in order to avoid too heavy fall.

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