Su has companion

Su has companion:I not necessarily get married, key 2 people are together happy
Zhang Fan takes turns(tiny Bo) director, Su has companion(tiny Bo) and Ni Hong the Jie(tiny Bo) stars of reason logically series film 《the not dependable shore (brief name 《2 》 in the secret room)of secret room 》held a news conference in Guangzhou yesterday, was shown to build power for the whole country on October 27.The spot Su has companion to suffer various embarrassed, not only drive the Ni Hong Jie”beg a bed drama” of leading lady, even drive a lovely reporter scolds “small tiger brigade” spring the old Zhang in night, call its”the ratio was getting fatter before, time danced also obviously clapped than the slow half of Wu Qi Long(tiny Bo) Chen Zhi Peng”, “internal revolt and foreign invasion” under, the reporters requested it the problem that revealed feelings appearance to is also “exceled a darling tiger the end on the body that rice straw”, make it again and again can be broken siege with the open cachinnation.

Well worth mentioning BE, Su had this time companion to face his/her own feelings problem very cordially, he meant himself/herself if hereafter have the girl friend also not necessarily gets married with the other party, can’t even publicly produce the news of son, because he feels “only two people are together happy good”.

Ni Hong Jie:In fact want to have companion to clap a bed drama with Su

At 《martial unauthorized biography wood 》in left to the person impressive Ni Hong the Jie is this time at 《2 》 in the secret room in have a dimensions with Yang Kun(tiny Bo) to compare a bigger intense emotion drama, speak about that drama, the Ni Hong Jie returns some blush with shames now, she pays falter I the ground say:”This is the first time I played thus …… drama, I communicated half with Yang Kun for hour at that time, each other acquainted with once then started, all of the whole processes were simultaneouslyYang Kun to simultaneously tell me how how did, then match with him ……” just say that finish, Ni Hong Jie threw vision to nearby of Su has companion, the eye contained glad eye ground to say:”In fact I the idol in childhood is himdvb t tuners in childhood I printed to have him the head the decals for being like to stick full notebook, very not easy cooperated together, played a drama like this for the first time, but the male leading role wasn’t him.”

This words make Su of “lie to hit by bullet” have companion to in a twinkling play to open a chair to depend to carry on the back and is all seriousness.The Ni Hong Jie continues to say:”Clap the time of drama the play set went out to once sing a K together, after finishing singing I exactly excitement two day, I pursue the ground makes a phone call for high school classmate and proud ofly asks them’you know I today whom sang K?Is the person of decals!”

Face Ni Hong Jie of directly”beg a bed drama”, Su has companion cachinnation to wear a response way:”In fact Ni Hong Jie of 《martial unauthorized biography wood 》is classic medium classic, I am also an excitement can clap a drama with my idol very much.”Use a small humor 1 once took.

Su has companion drive point “become fat”"the slow half claps”

There is the place that Su has companion asking “small tiger brigade when reorganization” for someone.Yesterday, it is the first deep feeling ground glorious years that recalled “small tiger brigade”, then speak of last year to have a reporter the Yang saw spring the performance of “small tiger brigade” for night, topic suddenly on turning, called that”although everyone saw you seem to be and compare to be getting fatter before in the evening in spring, the time danced also wanted the slow half to clap than Wu Qi Long, Chen Zhi Peng ……”dvb t receivers makes Su have companion connect the voice interrupted lifted to ask, simultaneously wave hand part the cachinnation said:”You see!You see!Today is 《2 》 news conferences in the secret room, don’t attackstone me again!Ha ha ha.”Hear the reporter say after, the “is not that meaning”‘s the another place just positive color says:”Ha ha, in fact I don’t mind, you immediately after say.”

For another responses of “small tiger brigade” reorganization, Su has old companion to adjust heavy play of still don’t forget a self-ridicule in the meantime:”I feel I the current appearance has already been not likely to restore that year of that believes today to the feeling of fan if I wears a sailor to take to participate in a news conference, you will also want to vomit?Ha ha, after all age, careers all put here.”

Feelings appearance”still in the flotage”

Though at Ni Hong Jie from exploded a bed drama to experience Su had companion to smile to bend from the waist in a side, is asked by the reporter and military advance movie turn why three when a lot of dramas playing all have an intense emotion drama,have no his share every time Su has companion and again sinks into embarrassed territory ground, good at nearby of director Zhang Fan took turns to solve to round and connect a voice to mean for him:”I in fact and very would not like to everyone hunts a strange mindset with 1 kind to see us this drama in the middle intense emotion drama, because in fact this drama is essential to have of story lines of, the person only has appearance at that kind of under, would to a little bit some attention with special details, as a result derivation behind of self-contradict conflict.As for Su has companion why have no intense emotion drama, I think if he would like to invite me to have dinner, 《I will as far as possible consider when the secret room is 3 》 .”

Just once hid a to rob, Su had the companion suffered the spot again right away reporter the concerning lifting of feelings appearance ask, however with before and greatly beat to compare too very, this time Su has companion to seem to be particularly to have a sincerity, he a the face positive color say:”I still at afloat.Feelings this thing still needs predestination, right away’bachelor stanza’want all come, this topic is pretty heavy.In fact I feel that two people get along cable supplier with to not necessarily need to get married.If is a matrimony, then connect down and release the good news of producing the son, I can’t like this do, because I feel that the key wants two people together happy.”

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