clearness rumours

Week hero Lun Kun Ling again leak to take together trip to Mi to shine on clearness rumours:The matrimony will open
Medium the new net gives or gets an electric shock a 32-year-old week on October 25 hero Lun(week Tung) the delicate mold the girl friend the Kun Ling  is taking together tripping to France and Japan with 18-year-old half-blooded and spreads an European Mi marriage two times again, hero Lun responded to for the first time and meant yesterday week if get married will declare by”send report”, but inquire about “have ideal object now”, he hesitates back and says:”I want to speak with you again so much.”

According to the “Apple Daily” news in Taiwan, week hero Lun is published August France and the Kun intimacy picture of Ling Lou Jian, the romance exposes, be again exploded by the net friend and anticipate in this month he takes Kun Ling and week, mama takes together trips to Tokyo, Japan, he stayed overnight a bamboo at first with week mama next leave a figure and shine on, had an another yesterday of the net friend explodes and anticipates and points and meets the Tung and Kun Ling in week and goes shopping in the puckery valley at 7:00 P.M. the 9th of this month, punctually point to see descend with bamboo is the same time.

Week net friend describes, Dong Tan Qing is secretive, in the many time for person 2 people keep distance, can’t close to together, week Tung went shopping in the neighborhood at that time, 2 talented persons assemble after;Reader says that the Kun Ling  goes shopping, week a dancer(should be an ice cream) that helps him the companion to dance of Dong Pai Chu watches over.The net friend provides Kun Ling and girl friend person the photograph is outside puckery Disney monopoly store in the valley and confirm that 2 people indeed once took together tripped to Japan.Mean to this Kun Ling broker:”Entertainer’s private affairs doesn’t respond to.”

The Dong Dao Hit Fm publicizees yesterday week, he once said while being visited 35 years old wanted matrimony, he meant yesterday target constantly, “hoped to don’t have generation gap with kid”, married towards continuing to spread him to Japan, French Mi, he said yesterday:”See a report quite good to smile of, this(get married) nothing important conceals so much, and doesn’t need to hide to go to so far place to register.”He says if get married will send report to open.

In addition the Kun Ling  was visited to once mean “can get married now”s recently and seemed to affirm a non- week, Tung didn’t marry, but yesterday asked Tung in week now in mind whether have ideal object”?He wanted to once say:”This asks have a little specially, I think like again speak with you.”Smash Kun there and then Ling Xiang be too a week wish

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