Joe cloth Si writes

The Joe cloth Si writes to cuckoldry love letter and how could and ordinarily becomes to°from the single phrase a square piece of word.Yesterday, innovation industrial plant president and chief executive officer, Li Kai, replied on his new wave tiny Bo to spread a《Joe the cloth Si spread 》in”helped lord” wrote to a wife to get married the love letter Chinese-English version that 20 years were in remembrance of to check against.Net friend complains Chinese version translation”too pit dad”, Li Kai replies and provides a few net friends of from translate edition, didn’t anticipate to unexpectedly cause personality of tiny Bo translation of fever, vernacular romance, text speech Juan show, the dialect keeps white, various”help main love letter” with entirely different style makes the person don’t already marvel. Authenticate a request

Wedidn’ t know much about each other twenty years ago.We were guided by our intuition;youswept me off my feet.It was snowing when we got married at the Ahwahnee.Years passed,kids came,good times,hard times,but never bad times.Our love and respect has endured and grown.We’ ve been through so much together and here we are right back where we started 20yearsa-go—older,wiser—withwrinkles on our faces and hearts.Wenow know many of life’ s joys,sufferings,secrets and wonders and we’ re stillhere together.My feet have never returned to the groud.

《The Joe cloth Si spreads 》have already formally sold in the world, Chinese version also synchronously publishes.In the fresh hot hot biography, a Joe cloth Si writes to wife’s love letter while getting married 20 anniversaries, soon is subjected to net friend’s concern.Only Li Kai replies spread on the tiny Bo of a few “help main love letter” picture, on the first inside is forwarded about 100,000 times by the net friend, once commented on 10000.

However, the translation level”too pit dad” contrast English source version and Chinese after translating the version have a net friend to complain,Deluxe technical expert , appeals everyone for this”still buy an English version of”.

Now that the translation of “officer’s version” can not give satisfaction, the net friends well developed the tiny Bo of”he or she begins” good tradition, not a few since understand the net friend whom English, and then empty words adopts in succession bright Be from a hand, present to public a PK with big artistic talent, translate a “help main love letter” with entirely different style.

The ancient text translation to the utmost shows the United States of Chinese language

When the Joe cloth Si meets Chinese, will produce how of does the language respond?The reporter sees, in each color translation, the ancient text edition is extoled most .Try to see beginning a “Wedidn’ the t know much about each other twenty yearsago.The We were guided by our intuition;the youswept me off my feet”, have “20 the beginning of year ago acquaintanceship, as one pleases but meet to ask for person Chi”, ” trace to return to 20 years, the Zong mutually attends to and not and mutually knows.Here should be an as in past, two hearts fall to love lake”, ” long 20 years, you I start to meet.Treads dumping for gentleman, the heart is troubled at heart how”the etc. translates a version, net friend”rain Fei loves summer” connects 《 Book of Poetry 》 all use up, describe that 2 people meet” since see beauty, cloud beard isn’t pleased!”

The net friend leaves a message exclamation and finishes seeing various ancient text translation a version, all”even feel Joe the cloth Si once is subjected to good Chinese type education, at least is also a perusal Tang poem Sung phrase of”.Entry-levelNot a few net friends called to again taste “beautiful Chinese language”, the short number included innumerable words, the between the lines is full to is artistic conception.

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