people acknowledgement

Week Tung insists that the 35-year-old matrimony isn’t willing to loosen a people acknowledgement Kun Ling girl friend’s identity
The information week with 32-year-old Xun hero Lun(week Tung) of Times traverses with delicate mold girl friend Kun of 18-year-old half-blooded very much in love,initiative continue is kicked to explode to take together trip to France and Japan, and then spread a foreign Mi marriage for twice, ex- Tung deny a Mi marriage day week, meaning to get married will declare by”send report”.

Ex- the Dong Dao broadcasting station does publicity day week, he once said while being visited 35 years old wanted matrimony, he meant target constantly, “hoped to don’t have generation gap with kid”, spread Mi marriage news towards continuing, ministry statistics he then said:”See a report way quite good to smile of, this(get married) nothing important conceals so much, and doesn’t need to hide to go to so far place to register.”

In addition, the Kun LingĀ  was visited to once mean “can get married now”s recently and seemed to affirm a non- week, Tung didn’t marry, but ex- Tung was asked by the Taiwanese medium day week and”now in mind whether have the object of ideal(get married)”,television production he wanted to once say:”This asks have a little specially, I think like again speak with you.”Seem to be still not to intend to recognize a Kun Ling , after all leave target matrimony, the age still has 3 years, having not a few Tung whom the net friends just worry for the Kun Ling , think a week hasn’t affirmed that she is an ideal another half.There being a Taiwanese fortune telling teacher evening calling that the Kun LingĀ  connects downing business will be big prosperous, if Tung doesn’t marry this year week she passes by door, 2 people’s fixing into several rates of achievement will be very small.

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