Look at the shape of diamond to see bride personality

Perhaps the election ring, just like that and choose to spend their life, like men, are suitable for them, Forever is the first criteria. Diamond shape can be measured to see the bride character, and we believe that no matter what your personality, temperament and hand-type, you will get a diamond ring to suit their own pet export.

Woman wearing a circular diamond

Kind-hearted, easygoing, the family has a strong sense of responsibility, worthy of great importance to the feelings of dependence zundiaoshencai.

Woman wearing a square diamond

Comparison of self-discipline, to consider the issue of comprehensive and rational, rich leadership.

Emerald-shaped diamond wearing woman

Prudent person.

Wearing oval-shaped diamond of a woman

Character of independence, never parroting, there are tenacious perseverance, will be its own unique ideas into action, in their careers can be performed an excellent job.

Lam pointed diamonds wear women

Lam pointed marchioness, also known as type, as its name, like the woman to wear this ring, such as the marchioness as good at business communication, likes home life, are interested in the things of assiduous, and never give up easily.

Drop-shaped diamond wear women

Have the most gentle shapes, lively and cheerful personality.

Wearing heart-shaped diamond of a woman

Heart-shaped diamond shape of all the most romantic one, therefore, wear a water droplet-shaped diamond rich imagination of a woman, I believe that intuitive, advocating romantic.

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