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The young man suffers from express delivery dependence the disease and city get married a wedding invitation express delivery transmission
Everyday of evening newspaper Xun”who is a × × ×, you of express delivery ……” in city is we sit in the office, will hear an express delivery member this familiarly call.Along with express delivery more and more convenient, a lot of young men also suffered from one after another”express delivery dependence disease”.The white gets after the on-line shopping of the office workers everyday to wait to hope to the express delivery, etc. not arrive the express delivery will have great of lose feeling, and house male house the females , for keeping the house, LED illuminates a chip seteven buy snack to also all seek an express delivery to help ……

Office worker>>

Together the city wedding invitations all use an express delivery

The Qi goes to work outside the some long spring of Wang Qi is also a member of “express delivery dependence disease”.Wang Qi says that she has been feeling when that she has no is horary seeking the express delivery help is 1 to save time a labor-saving affair very much, “I as long as you spend several more dollars, can complete the affair that I want to do, can be also economical to come out for own time, He Le is not?”

Wang Qi says that an oneself has an appointment in the evening, the mail arrives the home articles of unit to have no way to take to go home and take to date again inconvenient, if put unit again not rest assured.Hence she sought an express delivery and got to mother’s home thing mail, “from that after, I feel reasonable that making use of an express delivery is in fact very convenient.”Wang Qi’s a lot of friends also all depend on very much to the express delivery,head to choose ground together with in the middle of growing the university classmate of spring, getting married formal invitations to all get to her hand with the express delivery mail of.

Resist a house clan>>

Ten thousand matters all want an express delivery help

The small 玥 is a free writer, the work in everyday is to write some articles at home, to each big newspapers and magazines contributions in the website, write tired then will play a game, have a chat QQ ……as time passes, became the name matches the reality of resist a house clan.

No matter buy vegetables and buy snack, even is buy lady health thing, she will seek an express delivery help.”My friend is all basic to contact on the net, the express delivery member is an unique my house guest.I all basically will order to like thing on the net, for hurrying up, I will seek together the seller of city, basically will arrive like this for a day.”The small 玥 says.

Express delivery member>>

The kitty puppies all want to pass

Have already worked express delivery for four years member eldest brother say, not only the clothes, shoes and socks, food, and home articles…etc. is used an express delivery, also someone make a phone call to want an express delivery kitty puppy.German Frankfurt“We are to have the prescriptive, the kitty puppy lives so body animal all can not express delivery of, afraid at gather to pack the lieutenant general little animal suppresses dead, so we don’t accept an express delivery like this.”The eldest brother says.

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