dawn happy radicle

The dawn happy radicle son gets married 3 the beginning of years”match a body”10 tightly button up to be popular Tan
Dawn and joy radicle son gets married for 3 years, recently often spread a marriage to change, force 2 people give out sound clear clarify,宮頸癌yesterday he leaves for New York attendant”2 China movie stanzas of New York” make awards ceremony and receive outstanding entertainer’s prize in Asia, he leads long to enjoy the hand of radicle son to is popular Tan to greatly bask conjugal love and causes a medium disturbance, these are the husband and wife for the first time unite Mei attendant public activity, smash a marriage to change with the activity rumours.

According to the “Apple Daily” news in Taiwan, dawn and joy radicle son is in the United States in 2008 register matrimony, last month spread 2 people gather little leave more up the age differed 13 years old, feelings became thin, spread joy radicle son move leave loved nest, the marriage changed it said not Jing but walk, afterwards even once had a hearsay pointed chapter son the Yi got involved and forced 2 people hurriedly through agent company hair the joint call extinguished fire.

The marriage changes rumours recently temporary Xie,宮寒症 “2 China movie stanzas of New York” sponsored by American American China art association, held to make awards ceremony in the Lincoln center of New York, the United States yesterday, acquire the dawn of “outstanding entertainer’s prize in Asia”, made a special trip to fly to accept award to New York yesterday.

He leads long a joy radicle the son be popular Tan, 2 people all wear whole blackses to fasten full dress, 10 tightly button up to look affectionate and sweet and smash a marriage to change rumours, the dawn smiles to say:”Win a prize very honor, hope that Asian Chinese people’s movie can more do more good, get more national affirmation.”The happy radicle son accompanies a husband to attend a public activity for the very first time, she happily says:”I get to California early in the morning, because of setting out Peking works ex- have a the sky file can fly to New York, so in person arrive the spot support Leon’s accepting award.”

The Li enjoys to marry for 3 years old is bad-mouthed

Wager city in 2008 registration:Dawn and joy radicle son registers matrimony at the wager city

9|25 spread a marriage to change:Starts spreading 2 people to gather this year little leave much, enjoy radicle son belly have no action,yanpi tiao shi shenme bing spread she moves to leave love nest to live separately

10|03 pronouncement clearnesses:2 people give out sound clear refute sharply a marriage to change, change to report reservation to pursue right to the medium marriage

10|19 Pekings hold the hand:The net friend claps to two people Peking’s affectionate Wan hands goes shopping to shine on and prove that the conjugal love is as usual

10|26 is concocted by the Pu:Hong Kong medium report two people Peking’s affectionate Wan hands to shine on is concoct, the dawn accuses that medium calumny after

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