including 21 prefecture level

Nanfang Daily reporter Lei Yue Ji Xuan correspondent since 2004 , the Guangdong provincial inspection agencies in the inspections uncovered a large number of cadres and law and discipline leads to departmental-level cadres involved 18 people , 22 department-level cadres . Recently, the Office of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee visited some of the media published a relevant case , including a district of Zhuhai travel twice Tanmou propaganda and claims to find TV stations and so on.

2006 , Guangdong in the prefecture level and provincial units , universities, state-owned enterprises on the basis of such visits , the country’s first , conducted a tour of part of the county . Since the second half of 2009 , Provincial ten inspection teams focused on a succession of five batches of 50 counties in the tour .

According to reports, inspection before each shipment , Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection visits do have letters to the provincial chamber , supervision of cadres at the provincial Organization Department and other departments were visited to collect letters of the unit in recent years , and made available to inspection teams for reference. In a number of inspection teams to conduct inspections on the understanding of the problem and found this as a breakthrough .

tour ended, according to inspections understand the specific circumstances of provincial inspection group of the problem to the original petition to provide department feedback . Inspection found that the important clues, transferred directly from the inspection office discipline inspection organs at all levels , through centralized processing , inspections found clues to improve the investigation and punishment . For inspection by the inspection teams found that the general problem of feedback , the principal leaders of the party and government leaders , especially the outstanding issues , the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection , Ministry of Provincial Organization for feedback and help .

It is understood that , since 2004 , total provincial inspection agencies have carried out 22 inspections , totaling 216 units inspected ( time ), including 21 prefecture level , 64 counties (cities , districts) , 46 provincial units, including people’s organizations , 26 provincial colleges and universities, 20 provincial state-owned enterprises. Through inspections , inspect units were found to be problematic 1094 , make recommendations to the provincial government 149 , which made ​​adjustments to the provincial team of 31 recommendations to be put forward rectification opinions and suggestions inspection unit 975 , the transfer of authority to discipline law and discipline of leading cadres 57 clues , which involves 18 ground level cadres , 22 department-level cadres .


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