aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%

The latest UK statistics show that divorce rate of 60 or older, a rising divorce rate is the only age group. Many elderly people in pursuit of a new life divorce, so this phenomenon was called

unique phenomenon

statistics show divorced in 2007, more than 60 years the number of 11,040 people in 2009, increased to 11,507, an increase of about 4.2%, of which more men than women.

although over the age of 60 increase in the number of divorced persons is limited, it is noteworthy that this is the only UK divorce rate increased age.

from the overall situation, the UK divorce rate is falling.

2007, the British total of 12.8 million couples divorced in 2009, dropped to about 114,000 pairs, a decline of 11%. One, aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%; four 50-year-old age divorce rate decreased by 9.4%; three-year-old to 40 years old decreased 15.5%; eighteen thirties down 11.4%.

At this point, they get plenty of personal time, many people feel there is no common language with the other half, so the decision to divorce, to look for happiness.

social organization in the elderly, the beginning of life, not like before the end of that life. not ‘old’ and they can do a lot and even most of the young man can do, such as the degree of a long vacation to the Himalayas to Borneo, hiking, to the vast wilderness adventure or try a young man never had the opportunity to try new sports.

divorce is not easy

However, the elderly, divorce is not easy, many children can not accept the divorce of their parents, some lonely life after divorce.

TV show host, reporter 埃丝特兰森 said she has been exposed to live a lonely life after a divorce many of the elderly. She said that sometimes, people to divorce, but eventually had to sign the divorce agreement, they are puzzled by a sudden turn of events, abnormal alone. This is really tragic.


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