given Russia’s space agency denied. Meanwhile

After ten days of waiting, the Russian aerospace industry and space enthusiasts in the final 22 have been frustratingly news. Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Space Agency in Moscow, Oleg Davydov announced that due to launch spacecraft to Mars will be the best window closed at the end, carrying China’s the possibility of flying to Mars no longer exists. This statement means that China and Russia scientists regret a lost opportunity for joint exploration of Mars.

number of Russian spacecraft highest in the world, accounting for about 40% of the share. Since late last year to now, the Russian experience in space launch has been many failures, the loss of five satellites and a cargo ship. Compared to the previous case, the

Mars failed

11 9, the Russian space agency to use the Russian Sri Lanka – soil When the However, several hours later, the Russian Space Agency announced suddenly, . Director in accordance with the Russian space

Popovkin statement at that time, leading to unexpected occurs because the detector control system. Russia’s space agency, there should be three days of flight detector to adjust. Then, turn to the Russian Space Agency probe to extend the time to save about two weeks. In addition, the detector is not out on the fuel tank, which indicates that

the next three days, the Russian Space Agency is not officially released information. According to Russian media quoted the aerospace industry sources as saying that in order to Although the issue of Russia’s ground control station several times to contact the signal, but not been able to stay in near-Earth orbit with the detector to restore contact.

According to reports, only the signal through the ground to start the detector of radio communication systems, it may be sent from the remote sensing signal analysis related devices are working properly. If the detector control system software failure, then re-enter the program through, it is possible to solve the main engine had But if its sensors and other equipment failure, resulting in positioning of the detector can not be under the stars can not start the engine, the ground is unable to do anything, only to let it continue to lower the height and speed, until entering the atmosphere and fall to the Earth’s surface.

time is fleeting, Davidoff 22, said that while the launch window has not been completely closed, However, taking into account the ground has been unable to resume contact with the detector, this possibility has been minimal.

For the moment had passed off before the detector found fault in the argument, given Russia’s space agency denied. Meanwhile, the space agency said, resulting in The only expectations that Mars probe to the end of December this year, next year in February Zhuixiang Earth, only the area which may fall into the atmosphere in the spacecraft can be judged the day before.

fears into reality

the Russian Mars exploration program is implemented in the past 15 years, the only deep space exploration projects. With Russia for many years in the field of deep space exploration unhelpful contrast, the United States, Europe and Japan has continued the implementation of the Mars exploration project, and made a series of new achievements. Russia obviously hope that this exploration program to prove its determination to maintain the status of space powers and efforts.

the same as the previous spacecraft failure, Face for the National Space Development prospects of the question, the Director of the Russian aerospace Popovkin has said that even He also disclosed that the Russian government prepared to improve the research and practical projects in the proportion of the Russian space program, which means that these projects will get more financial support.

Objectively speaking, Mars is recognized as extremely difficult aerospace project, Mars on the way other countries construct more complex than previous detectors. According to Russian space expert disclosure, In addition, the project has absorbed a large number of broad participation of young scientists. This was considered to maintain Russia as a space power has special significance.

This even is a Unfortunately, Hal Rostov concerns the final reality.


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