opposition spokesman hurriya

BEIJING, Nov. 28 , according to foreign media reports, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh 27, announced that this year will pardon criminals imprisoned for political crisis , but the amnesty , organization or individual .

Yemen state television on Sunday ( 27) reported that Saleh amnesty for those Saleh also said to be immediately evacuated by anti-government sit-in demonstrations , marches and demonstrations to stop the attack on government forces to ensure the implementation of the GCC agreement . An unnamed Defense Department officials said the ruling party leadership meeting , the Vice-President Hadi agreement in accordance with the GCC , ordered troops from the main streets of the capital Sana’a withdrawal .

However, the opposition said that under the right to transfer Saleh signed an agreement last week , he was not entitled to amnesty and then make a decision . Saleh had been under the supervision of the handover of power in the GCC and is ready to step down .

opposition spokesman hurriya ? Thomas Hart said: June 3 , at the presidential palace in Sanaa were bomb attacks , killing at least 14 people were killed , Saleh and other 87 people were injured. Saleh then went to the Saudi capital Riyadh for treatment. November 23 , Saleh signed the GCC in Riyadh aimed at defusing the crisis mediation agreement Yemen , Yemeni opposition parties subsequently signed a GCC agreement protocol implementation mechanisms .


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