some analysts pointed out

November 22, Libya announced the establishment of a On the same day, the International Criminal Court agreed to the second son Saif Gaddafi tried to stay in the country of Libya.

11 19, died at the Gaddafi was arrested a month later, Saif was arrested in exile on the road. As Gaddafi in Libya after the death of the only remaining core members of the former regime, Saif’s arrest cleared the Libyan transition committee is another major obstacle to reconstruction of the road. Saif fled through a three-month full of hardships, and for the fate of their arrest, some analysts pointed out, its the same with the current situation in Libya is full of uncertainty.

father had wanted to betray

Saif was born in 1972, is Gaddafi’s most loved children. Fatah in Libya in 1995 after graduating from college, Saif to Switzerland, Austria, Britain and other countries to learn and, ultimately, the London School of Economics Ph.D. in hand. After returning home Saif Gaddafi Charity Foundation, founded and chaired, has been playing in the international

Saif can speak fluent English, German and French, and West have similar ways of thinking and living habits, sense of deep impact of Western democracy, which is called Saif and his father often speak their minds, many of his ideas are subtly influenced Gaddafi. A few years ago, Gaddafi to adjust relations with Western countries, years of painstaking efforts to give up nuclear technology research and development, etc., are closely related with Saif’s persuasion.

Saif has been interested in democratic countries like Libya back to the list, but the idea of ​​telling his father countless obstacles, Saif had to be buried in the heart of reform ideas. March 19 this year, the coalition air strikes with the opposition to rise up, a new Libya domestic situation changes. Saif’s reform ideas were inspired again, he was caught in tangled even consider whether to part ways with his father. His aides have urged him to join rebel groups, the recommended Saif Gaddafi government from completely out of it. And then, once convinced many people of Libya Libya’s Saif can save.

Saif understand that this is the last to change their destiny and the opportunity to Libya. But he can not ultimately feel betrayed his family, his father, chose to embrace the family and tribal loyalty.

escape on the way very afraid of death

2011 年 8 月 20, Libya In flight, Saif is very nervous and frightened, at the beginning he kept contact with the satellite phone his father, and to swear to his followers secret hiding place. In Gaddafi was arrested October 20 after the death, Saif psychological barrier has been completely crushed, he had thought of contact with the Hague Tribunal surrender, because there is no death penalty in The Hague. He also thought about escape from Libya, he is to do so, but has not yet been successfully arrested.

Saif trying to spend one million euros as a reward to buy a desert guide, allowed themselves to the neighboring Niger. Unfortunately, his wishful thinking wrong. November 19 morning, Saif’s car introduced by the wizard army encirclement, and ultimately arrested. Arrested, Saif without making resistance and very scared. Like his father, as he has not yet been Luanqiang militants killed, but was cut off three fingers. Although Saif told the media afterwards, hand injuries caused by NATO air strikes a month ago, but I am afraid at the moment Saif 哑巴吃黄连 experience the taste of most.

According to reports, Saif was arrested after the attempted $ 2 billion in exchange for freedom, but was rejected. Soon, the aircraft was taken to the Jin Tan Saif, Saif in the process of escorting is almost always with his back to others and watch out the window. Soon after landing surrounded by hundreds of people. Saif at this time revealed a trace of fear, he said: , Tan-chun, who was armed escort Saif broke through the crowd, boarded a car and went to a secret location.

a Gaddafi’s death has lost a great face for the transition committee, and if not disposed of the good Saif, the Commission will make the transition in a very disadvantageous position. In this regard, the transition committee said publicly that Saif will get a fair trial. While the International Criminal Court for trial in Libya have agreed to Saif, and will provide assistance to Libya, but Libya’s judicial system is still paralyzed from the establishment of a sound judicial system is still a long way to go. And captured the Jin Tan Saif Saif will be armed as a

as Qaddafi in Libya after the death of the only remaining core members of the former regime, Saif’s arrest is undoubtedly of great significance. Hidden in the western and southern Gaddafi forces will lose their spiritual pillar, which in the short term reconstruction of the road will be clear to Libya an obstacle. For the situation in Libya after his arrest, and perhaps most Saif I understand. Saif was arrested after shooting a video display, Saif warning arrest people, previously jointly against Gaddafi’s Libya, the tribes will be several months or up to one year, beginning betray each other, into a melee.

Saif success in Libya, the new secretary of defense

Tan-chun, his command of the armed forces in August this year, captured the capital Tripoli battle played a crucial role. It is reported that Chu Valley and did not participate in defense position after the election, while the defense position is that the parties have been coveted job openings.

Some analysts pointed out, November 19 Zhu Jin Tan armed Valley captured the leadership of Saif earned him enough chips to help the new cabinet has been elected secretary of defense. (Strong room)


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