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520 days Yesterday morning, the Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal, This is the experience of 520 days after a closed trial, 29-year-old Chinese guy finally returned to the native land. China Manned Space Engineering Office, Mars 500 project team on behalf of the Chinese pilot and the parents of Wang Yue, Wang Yuekai welcome at the airport rotary.

who From China, Russia, France and Italy, six volunteers, with 250 days

The test is mainly simulation of human Mars exploration process can be tolerated by all, including future human Mars real, physiological and psychological need to protect and material security, with a great challenge.

Chinese volunteers from the China Astronaut Research and Training Center faculty astronauts Yue, he served as payload specialist during the trial.

November 4 this year, Flight Simulator Mars project the earth.

psychological recovery after returning

Mars in 520 days after the test spacewalk, Wang Yue in the completion of health checks, follow-up experiments, went to Germany for the test data collection.

Yesterday, the China Astronaut Center news, Yue will return to carry out his psychological recovery, to help him return home, return to normal working life, to adapt to changes in social roles after the test, provide the necessary counseling.

In addition, participating units arranged Yue held a variety of group activities, such as exchange reports, year-end summary, room, dinner, basketball, etc., to enhance the emotional communication with colleagues, as soon as possible into the collective.

At the same time, but also according to Wang Yue physical condition, use of Chinese medicine conditioning, massage, physical therapy, hydrotherapy and exercise therapy and other measures for its implementation of the medical recovery.


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