China has dispatched 10 Fleet escort

Departure from the South China Sea , the Xisha , Nansha , Singapore Strait , Malacca Strait, through the Indian Ocean , sailed 4400 sea miles , will arrive in the

Gulf of Aden is located in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea waters between a dark blue , each year nearly 100 countries and regions have only been here about two million vessels . However , in recent years , due to war- torn Somalia , making the region’s rampant piracy , a serious threat to the waters of international shipping , maritime trade and maritime security , peace is no longer the beautiful Gulf of Aden .

In order to maintain this December 26, 2008 , the first Chinese naval escort fleet set sail from Sanya , Phi wave chopped waves , ocean escort embarked on a long journey.

As of November 20, 2011 , China has dispatched 10 Fleet escort , security escort foreign ships 4303 , was successfully rescued 42 pirate attacks in pursuit of foreign ships.

Three years , the Navy escort soldiers mission in the shoulder , again and again to face life and death , again and again tested in the deep sea ocean silently suffer for their loved ones thoughts and worries , with courage and determination to take the Chinese to the maintenance of world peace, the responsibility to adhere to the Chinese Navy blue channel for this piece of commitment to peace .

Chinese Navy escort mission in the implementation of the third anniversary , this issue special reports introduction , and readers to jointly review the spectrum of the Chinese navy in the vast ocean of magnificent painted track


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