According to U.S. media reports

Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported in continuous opposition to rally to protest the Russian State Duma election fraud there is occasion , the Russian billionaire Mikhail Lavrov Whirlpool Rojo on December 12 announced that it would challenge Putin in next year’s presidential campaign . However, the Russian opposition leaders that the election is successful Prokhorov little hope , saying the plan is subject to the Kremlin ‘s

According to U.S. media reports, worth $ 18 billion Russian billionaire Prokhorov 12 , announced he will establish a new political challenge to Putin , Russia to participate in next year ‘s presidential election in March . He held a news conference in Moscow , said :

But Russia’s opposition to come soon attack the plan. According to the U.S. Reported that Prokhorov candidates may use the public’s growing dissatisfaction with the Kremlin ‘s mood. Some observers point out that Prokhorov ‘s election gave the protesters a political catharsis way , not only allows them to let off steam , without Putin’s re- election would pose a substantial threat , Putin may be starting to some help.

British Russian political analyst Stanislav other Seoul Khodorkovsky the Russian media that Prokhorov had previously participated in political activities inspired by the Kremlin , he was the candidate


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