stations and other outlets will also be taken to increase the window

The annual Spring Festival Transportation curtain is about to open. 2012 Spring Festival, the full implementation of the railway sector will be the first Internet booking, phone booking, pay the fare and other new electronic ticketing methods. Recently, the Ministry of Railways issued a notice, automatic voice telephone booking of railway organization and management of a further specification.

Gaosuibuyou Thailand reported that the spring period, the telephone booking in advance pre-sale period than the window, but not for 3 days (including day) within the ticket.

The majority of visitors make the railway department of the telephone booking number 95105105, and only pay local city calls. Telephone booking system is open daily from 6 pm to 23 pm. The day before 12 passengers booked tickets will be held until the day 24, day 12 after the booking of tickets will be retained until the next day 12. Passenger can set the phone full price ticket, children tickets, student tickets, disabled veterans vote, but can not handle the altered tickets and refund services.

Telephone booking passengers, shall enter a valid ID number, order number ticket things, except when required to hold the original or a copy of identity documents. Student tickets are required for use when booking a valid ID and be accompanied by student ticket discount student ID card (all original) to install a student ticket discount card reader or a railway station ticket window ticket outlets for tickets business.

Telephone bookings valid documents including: People’s Republic of resident identity card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, passport.

Tickets for the convenience of visitors, the larger the railway sector in the country set up a special station ticket window, stations and other outlets will also be taken to increase the window, set up a special window and other initiatives.

2012 Spring Festival will begin on January 8, tremendous changes the way ticket sales, ticket in three new ways to help, it is expected this year will be the greatest change in the spring of the year the railway. Currently, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the new way ticket, the railway sector in advance of testing equipment, and implement safeguards to ensure safe operation of equipment.

It is understood that, since spring 2012, January 8 to February 16 for a period of 40 days. This year’s ticket sales practices change significantly, is the greatest change over the years, railway spring of the year. This is mainly reflected in the booking area of ​​the network. Ministry of Railways official said Thursday, in addition to telephone booking, the Spring Festival this year again to expand the scope of network booking, K prefix At this point, passengers can book tickets through the Internet the way for the trips cover the prefix inter-city C, D motor car prefix, G prefix high-speed rail, Z prefix directly, T and K prefix prefix fast express all the train.


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