Honeymoon, bathed in the love of sunshine

The city from the famous Venice Santa Lucia station 157km. If sitting Express if required one hour and 45 minutes. In fact, from the time said, and from Beijing Tiantongyuan Small to town to work the necessary time to the. But more than one hundred kilometers of the journey, along the Adriatic Sea are the blue bay, every time people feel very comfortable.

Trieste has a long history, It is said that when the Austro-Hungarian Empire, once the world a handful of star city. Later, the two world wars, where you become a tug of war. Finally in 1954, Italy finally attribution. Here from the former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia are the most recent place the border only 10 kilometers.


Trieste waterfront Barcolana are, in fact, is the city center, because City Hall Plaza, where the unification of Italy built on the seaside. Barcolana yachting has become synonymous with 10 a year on the second Sunday, Trieste is also often the most beautiful when the sun, Barcolana will be held as scheduled. Yes fortieth session in 2008, it is estimated that more will be an unprecedented event.

I take part in that session are in 2005. From the apartment to the sea, along the way can see the sea heard laughter in the sun for the Taste. The unity of the seaside square in the whole crowd are cheering, often battle the whole family together Everyone. Italians have special family complex, aunt of eight together, sometimes more than twenty. They wore the same color T shirt, holding small flag with the colors, like the same tour with a serious sense of belonging. It is said that the next application of the vessels have nearly

1500, large and small, and crowded into the square from the unified launched three kilometers west sea, many, such as the square of the same figure. No wonder Barcolana been called the world’s most crowded Regatta.

Different with the Inter-American Cup, Barcolana not emphasize the results of competitions only attach importance to the process of competition. From professional-grade RC44 that only a few meters long yacht can take part in Antique, so Barcolana also was named the world’s best sailing Party. Where I also enrolled in the School, teachers do not know where the article pretty white yacht, they put on uniforms in schools, after stepping on a white deck, very spirited. We are a group of students with champagne ready on the shore there are fresh Parma ham, prepare for war preparedness. Gunshots ring 1, the original teacher suddenly become confused, did not get for a long time to open out how far the boat, some like the first time in the North Sea Canoeing girl.

Barcolana are more like sailing the sunny lawn of the size of the luncheon, no one cares about winning or losing, but more importantly it is pretty neat. Italian fashion seems to be inborn elegance, size yacht parked on the shore like a sailboat on the Expo, the crew were on board a dinner, like our teachers the same. Eventually open in the end they did not make clear how far out, but remember me on one good iced Italian sparkling wine has been drunk naked everyone.


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