and sign an agreement

Guangxi Bureau of Housing and Urban Lingui former deputy director of Fu-bus traffic accident was driving drunk will be a father and two people injured sun, which the father was pushed into a vegetative state, Lingui financial County building housing the Bureau, deputy director of the traffic accident to help December 19, Lingui Financial Bureau official said the relevant departments, the borrower has not yet returned to the county treasury.

It is understood that at 22:00 on October 5th 2010 or so, Lingui live URA was former deputy director of Fu-drink-driving units of Honda cars driving in Lingui the waterway, the first hit with a After driving three-wheeled motorcycle to move on, suddenly rushed to the left lane to hit the road for the electric car. Lead to an electric car, father and son injured Yang, Yang due to a serious head injury, to the hospital unconscious. After the incident, Fu – have fled the scene, home to even drink a few bottles of mineral water, and then to the county traffic police for questioning. In for questioning two hours, six bathrooms on Lee. Fu-passing a blood test, blood alcohol concentration of 197.94mg/dl, Fu – but the police did not have to take measures. November 24, 2010, media reports about this, the Fu-day Lingui have police criminal detention, and then have to be removed from Lingui Fu – Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban office. In the same year on December 7, Fu – have been arrested.

January 30, Fu – the families of the injured was a criminal in order to obtain an understanding reached with the families of victims of civil compensation agreement, both sides agreed to a one-off compensation Fu – $ 1.46 million injured family never held accountable. March 15, Lingui court, Fu – was guilty of the Crime, exempted from criminal punishment.

According to the insider, Lingui live URA report it to the county government, the proposed county appropriated 1.33 million yuan to help Fu-County Bureau of Housing and Urban get advance compensation payments, then the building housing the Council is responsible for recovery. Report has been a long time Lingui Peng on behalf of any element (the current Lingui committee secretary) and sign an agreement, Peng Yuan in the report was signed on behalf of County allocated 1.33 million yuan to finance the building housing the County Council, Fu – have civil liability for the county building housing the Bureau to help Fu-deduction previously was part of advance money, on June 30, Fu – get paid on behalf of the remaining 93 thousand dollars in damages. Meanwhile, Fu-two houses were mortgaged to the building housing the Bureau County, agreed to return the money after the auction finance.

The legal profession here that financial allocations for the county drunk driving accident, deputy director of

December 19, correspondent in Lingui visit the relevant government departments. Lingui finance bureau told reporters after verification of the Office of Tang Zhuren, Fu – get a penny of borrowing has not returned to the county finance bureau, according to county requirements, the building housing the Council has the responsibility to recover the money.

In the afternoon, this reporter went to interview Lingui building housing the Bureau, the Office of a middle-aged woman said, the Secretary and the secretary went to the meeting. Reporters called the county building housing the Bureau Director Li’s phone, Mr Lee said the propaganda department with the county before the interview.


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