for harbor and abet crimes

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry, the State Food and Drug Administration Bulletin No. 1682, No.

to further promote CL ; feed inventory collection job. Announcement on the matter are as follows:

First, any unit or individual is prohibited the production, sale and use of

Second, the inventory of this collection of cloth he Lin, phenylethanolamine A, bambuterol hydrochloride Qipateluo, chlorpromazine hydrochloride that forest, Maputo Castro, Sibutramine Castro, bromine Bute Luo, tartaric Fu Castro, formoterol fumarate Castro. Has registered as a person with drug production, sale and use of, not within the scope of the inventory of the collection. Farms (households), the acquisition of trafficking enterprises (cooperatives, brokers), and registered or obtained the registration of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary drugs and related corporate sales outlets must take the initiative to save the assigned to local government departments.

Third, where the public security organs and agriculture (animal husbandry and veterinary) department of the immediately stop the sale, purchase and use, and take the initiative turned over the storage of feed products to the local government designated departments.

Fourth, the references in this announcement within one month from the date of the initiative turned over to the , reduce or exempt from punishment; refused to surrender and in the future inventory, remediation, case detection in seized, be severely punished according to law.

five units and streets, towns and villages should be careful to workers, residents, villagers publicize the announcement, encouraging citizens to report the production, sale and use of For meritorious, and rewarded; for harbor and abet crimes, shall be held liable; retaliation for whistle-blowers, they shall be severely punished.

Since the release of this announcement from the date of implementation.

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