a set of the same design environment and platform to carry out the design

Beidou satellites have been successfully launched and the construction of Beidou navigation system caused widespread concern in public opinion at home and abroad, China’s satellite navigation and positioning application management, director of Bao-Feng Yang, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Aerospace Minister ZHAO Xiao-chun reporters at a press revealed that this year China Aerospace has completed 19 space launches, space launches this year, the number of ranking among the world’s second largest, will also be technical innovation, the launch vehicle for the test batch groups, ZHAO Xiao-chun said that China’s space launch period is in the high-density,

100 satellites launched into space, 100 satellites in orbit and stable operation. Nearly four to five years, an average of about 20 times a year to implement the space launch activities. This year, China Aerospace has completed a 19 space launch, launched 21 spacecraft, including three Beidou navigation satellite, of course, include the Temple One and Shenzhou VIII. The number of space launches this year ranked among the world’s second China: Russia is 36 times, China 19, United States 18 times. Beidou satellite navigation system developed and launched in 2020 but also more than 30 navigation satellites, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation assumed the satellite and launch vehicle system developed and launched two major tasks. The mission developed and launched with the following characteristics: First, technical difficulties, the development of a very tight schedule requirements; Second, product consistency, reliability requirements are very high; three, require fast network, emission density is very high, probably an average annual launch 7-8 navigation satellites. For these characteristics, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in technology and innovation management are carried out. The first group of batch test, More than 30 satellites ready to grant sub-group of 3-4 batch production, to carry out multi-satellite, multi-arrow parallel testing and trials. Second, product engineering, product design, process, state of curing, the product of common stereotypes, to carry out critical product reliability growth testing, we also build production lines to ensure product consistency and reliability. Third, process optimization, collaborative work, set intellectual research.

We produce, test, test and launch the process to optimize the use of information technology tools, a set of the same design environment and platform to carry out the design, simulation, verification, taking full advantage of the national universities, research institutions of scientific research efforts set of intellectual and expert resources to research. Through constant technological innovation and management innovation, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to high efficiency, high reliability and timely completion of the satellite launch vehicle development, launch the task.


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