protracted demarcation approach

Recently, South Korea announced comprehensive measures to eradicate illegal fishing, marine police team will be allowed to address the so-called cross-border use of firearms, illegal fishing of the Chinese fishermen. Wrong kind of thinking and practice, to allow South Korean maritime police in the future if sea fishermen brandish my gun, only to complicate a simple issue, China-ROK relations is bound to be seriously affected. China and South Korea caused by improper. I ask South Korea to the Chinese fishing boats crossed the waters under the jurisdiction of the illegal fishing, why no such casualties? I believe that China and South Korea to solve long-standing fisheries dispute and conflict at sea, should be from three aspects, and marine law enforcement authorities as soon as possible China-ROK joint patrols.

Fundamentally, the Korean exclusive economic zone boundary between the two countries should be divided as soon as possible. At present, although China and South Korea have signed a Meanwhile, China and South Korea can also contact the hotline set up the mechanism. Between Japan and South Korea had many times in this way to solve Korean fishing boats cross the border illegally to disputes, generally informed by the Japanese side in the aftermath of Han Guohai Police, South Korea enforcement vessel first at the scene, through communication and negotiation , talks to solve the problem quickly. Marine law enforcement agencies of South Korea, the establishment of hotline contacts is not difficult.

But, for now, protracted demarcation approach, contact the hotline are remedial measures, in order to effectively address the current situation in fisheries disputes, China and South Korea maritime law enforcement departments should actively take a preventive approach, namely the establishment of a comprehensive joint patrol law enforcement systems. This approach is not new, there are already many successful precedents. China and the U.S. since 1994 to carry out in the North Pacific fishery law enforcement cooperation to control the North Pacific high seas illegal fishing practices, which the Chinese side of the North Pacific high seas for nearly 300 jobs in China squid fishing boat on-site management, the effect is very obvious. Since 2006, China and Vietnam Marine Police fishery in northern Gulf of common joint cruise, investigate and punish illegal fishing, to maintain the normal order of Beibu Gulf fishery. Recently, four-nation Mekong River cruise for us to jointly set a good example.

I believe that China and South Korea conduct joint maritime patrol law enforcement, in terms of form, or the actual effect is to solve the Korean marine fisheries disputes and conflicts present an effective way. China and the ROK authorities also sent marine vessels, aircraft, joint patrolling law enforcement, the normal operation of the monitoring of fishing vessels, if found to have suspected of illegal fishing and illegal operations, on-site investigation and evidence collection and disposal according to law. When boarding, then according to the principle of flag State jurisdiction by the national marine law enforcement personnel. Chinese fishing boats do not need to boarding and inspection by the Han Guohai police force, illegal fishing vessels that do not have Korean Chinese officials boarding and inspection, so you can maximize the advantages of flag State jurisdiction, both to avoid and prevent misunderstandings, and effective law enforcement and prevention of violence at sea brutal enforcement of the tendency. Meanwhile, following the principle of flag State jurisdiction, national marine authorities are also monitoring the effect of its fishing vessels will be significantly improved, violent resistance to law, the phenomenon of fighting each other will greatly reduce, or even reduced to zero.

All in all, China and Korea so far maintained good relations, not for a fish, a crab hurt the gas, runs the risk. Solution either, brandish subdue by force can only be made tragedy, absolutely undesirable. Fishermen fishing for a living, after all, no matter how they are not pirates, no need to use force to enforce the law. As long as China and South Korea draw the maritime boundary as soon as possible, the establishment of hotline contact joint sea patrols, especially law enforcement, disputes can effectively prevent the incident and the expansion, is not difficult to solve the problem why the detour it


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