but he denied that the company would be so biased .

BEIJING, Jan. 2 , according to Hong Kong, This is the government signed with Fujitsu worth ¥ 179 million three-year plan the main event. Reported that , once successfully developed , the Japanese need to modify network weapons-related legislation, may lawfully apply . Last summer in nine countries and consulates in Japan by a computer virus was reported in November a local government system has also been attacked .

According to another report , the Japan Atomic Energy Safety Commission (NSC) nearly 1 / 3 of the members and examiners from 2006 to last March , we had to accept nuclear energy industry donations , amounting to 85 million yen, so if there is both outside attention favoritism , and even affect the government’s handling of the neutrality of the Fukushima nuclear accident .

Reported that accepting donors , including two permanent members and 22 inspectors , of which 11 sources of donations is subject to Commission review of the nuclear reactor manufacturers, power companies or nuclear fuel company. NSC chairman of classes before taking office last year Haruki head , has also been discovered between 2006-2009 received donated ¥ 4,000,000 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , but he denied that the company would be so biased .


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