state government play in the new year

4 South Korean Defense Ministry said South Korea and the United States on the principles of the signing of a joint anti-aggressive plan to reach a consensus, the project aims to deal with potential North Korean attack. South Korean Defense Ministry also revealed that the two sides will sign the relevant plan this month.

4 South Korean Defense Ministry said in a 2012 South Korean defense plan for the book, said South Korea will soon sign a deal with North Korea and the United States for joint anti-provoking potential attack plan, according to the plan, Korea will also hold the corresponding joint military speech, to show the strong ROK-US defense posture. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the two sides in Korea in October last year at the Korea-US meeting on a regular defense-related programs to reach a consensus, the plan will be signed later this month.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials also said that the current will be held every year between Korea and the U.S., including the spring plan to sign a joint anti-provocative, the more will be held between the ROK-US joint military exercises. South Korean Defense Ministry said that this is a response to the threat from North Korea one of the measures.

According to Yonhap news agency said earlier, plans to support troops. In addition to use, including the nuclear umbrella, conventional weapons, including missile defense program and other means of attack, to

Currently, the basic deadlocked inter-Korean relations. Korean Workers Party Central Committee Political Bureau Meeting December 30, 2011 announced that, according to the late leader Kim Jong Il when the teachings of October 8, elected vice chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission Kim Jong-un as the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army . On the same day, the DPRK National Defense Commission said in a statement, after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Lee Myung-bak government regardless of the same ethnic friendship in order to Lee Myung-bak government is no longer deal with. Peaceful reunification of Korea Committee December 31, 2011 issued a statement saying, as long as there is Lee, the North-South relations there is no hope.

South Korea’s position is relatively mild. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on 2 January this year, state government play in the new year, said South Korea at this stage Lee also said, prepared by the Six-Party Talks to eliminate North Korea’s security concerns, and provide North Korea with economic recovery the necessary assistance.


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