Global Network International Military Center January 6

Global Network International Military Center January 6, 2012 News : Philippines newest and most modern navy ships arrive in Palawan , South China Sea, nine out of line and enter the inner waters of my so-called According to the earlier .

Philippine Coast Guard in August last year to buy the Aquino said at the launching ceremony , Aquino also expressed the hope that the United States to buy a

Water in the day while the ship made ​​the Philippines ‘ Tiger Banu ‘ number, when the amphibious ship is mainly used for transporting troops , tanks , vehicles , artillery equipment and other logistics. In addition, the Philippine Navy also tested its first modified BO-105 helicopter and the other modified while several warships .

Aquino said the Philippine military will not only focus on the response to internal threats , but also respond to external challenges . He said the Philippines should be through the purchase of new weapons and equipment to modernize its military , to improve the military ‘s ability to respond .


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