The report also questioned said

British However, a leaked report from the U.S. Department of Defense , which is designed aircraft obvious defects , can not even lead to aircraft landing on an aircraft carrier .

The report quoted a leaked report , F-35C fighters in August 2011 landed eight times the simulation failed, mainly due to aircraft tail hook and the bottom of the main round of the distance is too short , only about 2.13 meters .

When high-speed aircraft carrier landing , the main wheels run over the cable on the deck of the block , due to too short , too late to return to the original height of cables , resulting in aircraft tail hook not been able to hook the cable to make aircraft stopped at any time due to aircraft momentum is too large and out of the carrier landing , drop the ocean.

The report also questioned said , F-35C failed to provide adequate air support , and questioned the fighters can not launch the UK Asraam air missiles . In addition, many aircraft still in testing , is likely to be more problems .

Report described the F-35C requires

British Ministry of Defense spokesman declined to comment , but confirmed last month, British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond has met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Panetta to discuss the issue , and that Britain will continue to purchase F-35C fighters .

UK Shadow Defense Secretary Jim Murphy said that Britain, as the island should be able to operate on the carrier aircraft , the authorities should explain clearly the impact of these problems on defense .

It is reported , F-35 series aircraft including the A -type conventional takeoff and landing , vertical landing type B and type C carrier , are alleged to have many defects , of which C-type of structure is most serious.


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