December 2011

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports: December 2011 , the Indian Army invested $ 1.5 billion in the international market tender short-range air defense missile system (SRSAM). India’s short-range air defense missile systems, the request is the ability to simultaneously deal with flight speed of 500 m / s above 15 km away from the multiple targets . System to ensure that at least 20 years of life , the life of the missile in 8 years. $ 1.5 billion of short-range air defense missile systems , including a total of 36 launchers and 1,000 missiles will be deployed in two infantry regiments . India in the next five to seven years for the Army’s 8th Infantry regiment to deploy short-range air defense missile system. Each infantry regiment deployed short-range air defense missile system costs about $ 800 million.

India’s tender covers the United States, Russia and European countries , its missile research and development business , including the United States Raytheon, the Israeli Rafael company , MBDA ( France) and Thales (France ) , Germany’s Diehl Defence , Russia map instrument design Bureau and Russia pulled export companies , export companies of Ukraine and South Korea ‘s LIG NEX1 company.

India’s Defence Research and Development Laboratory early in 2007 with the MBDA company signed a joint development of new generation no hurry to wait for the project , short-range air defense missile systems are needed .

India’s air defense weapons, sparing no effort on investment , in 2009 , India $ 2.5 billion from the Israeli Rafael company purchased two infantry regiments , forces. In 2011, the Indian Army has spent $ 3 billion for the infantry regiment ordered a range of 30 kilometers , At the same time the Army also discuss purchasing


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