conducted in-depth study of China

According to Korea, close dialogue with China to establish relations of mutual trust.

Reported that Zheng turtle former South Korean Minister of Industry, conducted in-depth study of China, and published over the Ministry and the China-ROK relations and China-related books. For free routes in Asia pose a serious threat to South Korea full-scale war with China is not any good, it can not happen between the ROK and full-scale war, but can not be excluded in the West Sea (Yellow Sea) occurred in Korea the possibility of local conflicts, Han Jun is This must have the independent capability just in case.

For comparable with the U.S. dollar and the euro’s international reserve currency, then the currency of trade in the world occupy 20% more than important, but also to meet the free floating exchange rate, open capital markets, central bank independence and a prerequisite of China to meet these conditions at least 20 years, but won the direct trade and the RMB is expected to achieve in the short term this end, the two countries to establish a macroeconomic adjustment mechanism, to cooperate.

On get along, not to China to South Korea as a potential enemy. To live in harmony with China, but can not become like China, and China in order to survive must be different. In addition, Korea Ocean and the mainland to play the role of the media. close communication with China is also important to establish mutual trust in all fields with the Chinese people become friends, and build trust our understanding of China can not be confined to a vast territory, large population level, but also to understand some of the minor.


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