end to hot water

Japanese veterans they are not loved by the sand forever, but it is worth their loved ones. The elderly are Muslim, they are prepared to change eating habits. Disabled elderly war came, they do everything taken care of. They are to take care of the anti-Japanese veterans 68 years Hebeiraoyang guocun Tian Guirong family.

He, by the sand forever, 90 years old, Beijing Fangshan, where he had the Hui Detachment Jizhong exploits, after a stay in Hebeiraoyang guocun wounded were villagers, as pro-Yin Jingshan fraternal care, and since then it did not leave.

She, Tian Guirong, 64 years old, Hebeiraoyang people, Jingshan Yin father was alive and after the death of dozens of seasons on end, like a pro as good care of her daughter forever by old sand, never had complaints.

They are Tian Guirong children, and now have over written. These days, parents did everything they see in the eyes of the mind in mind, the sand is a permanent increase in the pro-grandfather, as long as the grandfather happy, everything is as it should.


Despite the cold, though simple, lying in the sand forever home by only looking at hot kang cheerfully Everybody is still a resonant Beijing accent: Tian Guirong only faint smile, help the elderly to sit up, end to hot water, feeding the elderly Wet your whistle, then handed him a candy, hot air between two dense, warm anomalies.

After this, the sand forever by the elderly 90 years old, but the body is still strong, the spirit is still good. Grandfather to the children who took the 30, 50′s gift happy to run around outside the house, the daughter and son Tian Guirong past men cooking, beef stew, also contain the old favorite sheep meat dumplings. New Year’s Eve, they also increase in accordance with custom and bowed to worship the sand forever, the whole family together and had a lively warm Spring Festival.

Tian Guirong home in the sand forever by the elderly is always ranked first. He is a Muslim, ever since the move over, Tian Guirong a will to change the original diet, meat eating beef and mutton. Old people love to eat noodles, steamed whole family has become the most often eat rice. Elderly swollen feet all year round, bought shoes do not go in, Tian Guirong paste on cloth, cut like shoes, fit for the elderly sewing cloth shoes. Elderly long legs ringworm require frequent cleaning, and sometimes Tian Guirong one day give him two or three times to wash. Unconscious old right toe, massaging her while washing, drying and then to cut one curved toenails, trim, scrape off the calluses on the heel. 40 years, never growing old and sand Tian Guirong never red his face, mixed over the mouth. Sometimes inevitably be some grievance, but she always turned to Mama’s house to tears, but also how to wait on how to wait.

Tian Guirong children is also very sensible, the same honor as the treatment of pro-grandfather John by sand, which makes Tian Guirong quite pleased. The eldest daughter married into deep states Wang turn, come back every week to visit my grandfather, although his family was not wealthy, but never passed through his hands empty. Wang Shuang little daughter with her husband moved to Suzhou after they were married, always greeting each grandfather called home, but also from time to time to send money and things, to the elderly should wash your hair every time back feet nails. Son Wang Jindou not to mention, live around the neighborhood, a busy job inside and out, to bring children to the elderly on the knee, to accompany the elderly parents in a short chat with boredom. Tian Guirong grandson of the increase is attached to the sand forever, go visit the old house to run a school, to the old jokes, listen to

[Lens II]

Tian Guirong provoke a whole family of the burden of one person, never by the sand in the eyes pain in mind, do not want to drag Tian Guirong one, stick to Xiakang groping trembling. Tian Guirong

Stubbornly persists sixty-eight set. 60 contained more than the love that began in 1944. Sand Yongzeng detachment commander when he Hebei Hui, strikes, repeated up exploits, but the train station in Qingxian night attack enemy strongholds, the unfortunate wounded and permanent disability. Raoyang guocun wounded were removed to the village farmers Yin Jingshan honest initiative by the injured received the sand forever home and recuperate. After the injury, the war is won, according to the provisions of sand can never return to origin by Beijing Fangshan, but the home has no relatives. Yin Jingshan hard to leave with regret the brotherhood, so that he chose to stay.

Land reform, the sand never assigned by the house and land, and neighbors to do with the Yin Jing Shan. And whenever, Yin Jingshan an increase on the farm to help harvest the sand forever. Yin Jingshan couples without children, his nephew Wang Dongqin had one of them. In 1968, Wang Dongqin Tian Guirong married a wife, the couple is natural to have the sand as a permanent increase in their own elders. After the death of his wife Yin Jingshan, Wang Dongqin and Tian Guirong couples provoked the burden of care for the elderly.

In 1982, sixty years the sand has been suffering from a permanent increase in cerebral thrombosis, act more inconvenience. Slightly better condition when they hit the rainy season, the old house collapsed roof leaks. Distressed elderly people suffer, the simplicity of Tian Guirong advised him to move over to live with, but the old man sorry, elderly face many vicissitudes, Tian Guirong’s not too happy:

Hanlaishuwang, years of relentless, when the Autumn of 2000, the family pillar Wang Dongqin suddenly suffering from cerebral thrombosis, in the same year by the sand once again ill never get down kang. Whole family of the burden of total pressure in the Tian Guirong shoulders. Her son, daughter are sent out to earn money, raise their grandson.

Slowly, the two patients in the Tian Guirong and meticulous care the children began to improve. Her husband Wang Dongqin can get out of bed of their own; old Uncle cerebral sand also see light, you can sit in the chair a moment, listening to the radio all day, sixtieth anniversary of the medal awarded to him is he on the bed, out from time to time to see … …

The county has on several occasions to mobilize the sand forever glorious homes by the elderly, the elderly refused: Where not to go!


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