which also soaked with piles of red meat … before the Spring Festival

Oil basin proudly exudes the odor, which also soaked with piles of red meat … before the Spring Festival , the Shahekou Food Safety Office, under the coordination , joint action of the sandy area of quality supervision, industry and commerce, public security, and administrative law enforcement departments . in one fell swoop to take away the black dens of processing
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Before the Spring Festival , the sand district, police After Mopai , found in Hung Ling Road in the vicinity of one or the document business , and suspected to add non-food material processing mutton black dens .

A law enforcement officer involved in the operation on the date the dens dirty environment was impressed , food production and processing conditions .

Law enforcement officers also found at the scene loaded ammonium chloride fertilizer bags .

According to law enforcement officers , the dens of the process will be used to ammonium chloride, meat tenderizer , the dye soaked duck, duck by the mixer after mixing , add Note lamb chops meat bunk plastic square box , frozen molding, and New Zealand lamb chops the grade A label on the product packaging .

Books show that the processing of At present, law enforcement officers have seized 100 kg of on-site

Sand Fresh Safety Office staff recommends that the members of the public to cable card , if a problem occurs , can be used as a rights basis .


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