Structural performance

The bazooka-man infantry shoulder-fired weapons, mainly for the solid target to destroy armored vehicles, bunkers and firing points, ground or semi-underground bunker close. A variety of guided weapons have been widely used in the battlefield, but man-bazooka infantry close combat crucial weapon.
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As technology advances, the family of the individual rocket launchers are more and more prosperous.

In a wide variety of brands of rocket-propelled grenades, the most well-known than the Soviet Union / Russia RPG series. To make the RPG series sustained Legend Continues, Russia has continued to increase for the series of new models such as the RPG-18, RPG-22 RPG-26 RPG-27, the RPG-29. Now, the RPG series will be added to a new model, that is just launched the RPG-30 rocket-propelled grenades.

Development of

Russia developed the RPG-30 is designed to respond to the active protection system for armored vehicles. Active Protection System is a kind of In recent years, Western countries have been developed active protection system, such as America’s Dramatically reduce the combat effectiveness of the active protection system will enable the existing anti-armor weapons.

To this end, Russia on the one hand to step up the transformation of existing anti-armor weapons (such as increasing the rockets caliber to accelerate the projectile velocity, increase in tandem warhead, etc.), on the other hand the development of new anti-tank weapons restrained active protection system.

The RPG-30 rocket launchers research task is still to the developer of the RPG series – Bazaar Linear Technology Corporation. According to U.S. intelligence expert Jonathan Prew Ismaili, although Russia public in November 19, 2008 shows the RPG-30 rocket-propelled grenades, and vigorously promote to foreign customers, but also just completed a concept developed and Initial tests from the actual equipment, there is still a distance, it is estimated that in 2015 about to enter active duty.

Research idea of ​​speaking, the RPG-30 is fairly new, it first using a decoy to attract and interfere with active protection systems, and then the main rocket The key to its success is in the active protection system to react again (about 0.2 to 0.4 seconds) to complete the deception and combat.

Structural performance

The RPG-30 rocket launcher does not account for the typical preparation of man-portable anti-armor weapons, one-time use (although Russia claimed that the RPG-30 launchers can be reused, but the danger on the battlefield, it is difficult to carry out the detection of the launch tube, processing and re-loading).

Bazooka: RPG-30 rocket launchers in parallel binocular structure. More than 80% of the parts in the launch tube for the plastic parts. The rocket warhead all stamping and repression. Engine connection spiral, the combustion chamber, with a tail-seat nozzle are aluminum alloy during hot extrusion. A large number of non-metallic material and a forming process, the provincial labor and materials, light and inexpensive.

On the launch tube shape and the RPG-27 is basically the same wall thickness of 5 mm. Both ends of the launch tube and the central aluminum stiffening ring (Central prescribe). Under the smaller of the launch tube, the wall thickness of 5 mm, both ends of the aluminum stiffening ring and rubber closures. The factory, on the launch barrel pre-installed rocket shaped charge at both ends with rubber cover seal (at launch without having to open). Launch, hold back the ring-pull, pull out the pin, erected after sight, press the trigger to shoot.

On the surface, the structure of the RPG-30 RPG-27 complex, but to bring the OK state to a state of war, the conversion time is still just 6 seconds.

Aiming device: the RPG-30 RPG-27 is similar to simple folding iron sights, rear sight and rear sight. The rear sight was a plate, board, spy holes and fitted with a simple temperature compensation device. Before the rear sight is a box-shaped windows, there are three horizontal reticle, corresponding to 50 m, 150 m and 200 m range. In addition to the mechanical sight, the RPG-30 rocket launcher can also be equipped with 2.5 times magnification, field of view 12 degrees of the optical sight.

Ammunition: From the existing reports, the RPG-30 launcher with PG-30 105 mm rockets. Two tandem warhead, the PG-30 warhead with a copper shaped charge liner, armored tanks, reaction in the first-class warhead destruction, the breakdown of 650 mm thick homogeneous steel armor.

The RPG-30 launcher with bait elastic energy is unknown, but its main role is to deceive the enemy active protection system, its structure than the main rocket is simple, the weight should be much lighter (RPG-30 system re- 10.3 kg, the RPG-27 Weight speculated that the whole weight of the shells under rocket-propelled grenades may not be over 2.5 kg).


The RPG-30 rely on the common role of the two ammunition to deal with the Active Protection System, the launch of coordination between the two ammunition is particularly important. From existing technology, with the delay method to control the two ammunition and has fired no problem, but due to the difference in weight, shape, engine, decoys and rocket speed will certainly be different, to make two ammunition the tube to maintain synchronization more difficult. There are currently no relevant information, I guess that the Bazaar Linear Technology Corporation does not come up with a very good way, so take to reduce the effective range of ways to make the two shells to reach the goal of the time difference as small as possible. Otherwise unable to explain why the range of the RPG-30 will be less than the RPG-27.


Performance of the RPG-30 is not enough to effectively attack the main battle tank, such as its main PG-30 rockets, armor thickness of only 650 mm not penetrate the countries improved third-generation main battle tanks The front armor. If the enemy active protection system can detect and combat multiple directions hit a number of strike weapons, even if the RPG-30, two ammunition with perfect and hard to break each other’s defense.

For other countries, and regardless of the performance of the RPG-30 in the end how a single design concept has been of great significance because it marks the armor and anti-armor battle has entered a new stage of confrontation.


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