West confrontation .

PRC Beijing , February 14 ( Reporters Huang Zijuan ) This afternoon, the famous military expert , deputy secretary general of China Society of Military Science Major General Luo Yuan, a guest ‘s power forum , on a military hot topic with friends online . Into the interview page
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User question :

Luo said that China and Russia join forces is a alliance of interests , moral alliance , an alliance of anti-hegemony , unlike during the Cold War , East , West confrontation . , There is no master and servant of the points in this league , only common interests , when the interests of the trend at the same time , we will take common action , contrary to the interests , we will talk past each other . Therefore, it is a loose alliance of all the country’s sovereignty and interests of the highest consideration , and during the Cold War Sino-Soviet alliance is very different . But now China and Russia is indeed faced with a common pressure , NATO’s eastward expansion and the previous period in Russia ‘s anti- government demonstrations , followed by can see the shadow of the United States . Taiwan Strait in China and East China Sea, South China Sea , can also often see the United States gunboat , the United States to China and Russia pushed with such circumstances, the interests of the trend .

Luo said that the Sino-US jointly insufficient to curb U.S. hegemony run amok , West and East, weak strategic situation has not fundamentally changed . However, it was containment is better than no one to contain better , the voice of justice is better than no one justice is better . As long as China and Russia persist , will eventually overcome evil pressure is , will eventually establish a fair and just international political and economic order .


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