one minute after it began pouring rain. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions

The army group stationed in Australia the northern port city of Darwin. Two months ago, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. is about to expand the news in the Australian Military. In fact, the current e-mail contact with the Australia Department of Defense interview, like Lackland raised such issues, the reporter group has been repeatedly asked many times. Australia vigilant look is not less than the US-Australia military cooperation. However, Australia’s military eventually issued to the reporters
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The first batch of U.S. troops in Australia will be stationed here

Received the Australian Department of Defense agreed to a telephone interview Darwin’s military bases, the reporters in Sydney airport waiting for flight to Darwin. At this point, away from the plane took off less than one hour. Before applying for this interview, the reporter sent to the Australian Department of Defense 67 messages every time they are required to submit a more detailed outline of the interview, they did not accept our application.

The plane after a 20 minute drive, we came to one named Robertson Barracks base stationed in Darwin. The base in northern Australia is sparsely populated areas, and nearby there is the Maori residential area. And along the way tropical forest, the base is surrounded by open fields and some bushes. In the cordon and the tension of the heavily guarded base in front of the imagination does not, the door like a small Checkpoint, surrounded by barbed wire reminds us that this is an unusual place.

Registration documents, the reporter and his party had to sign on a table commitment to comply with all provisions of, and then the barracks Captain Chris drove us into the base interior. The base was built in the 1990s, three military bases in one in Darwin, Australia latest and facilities of the base, where the gym, swimming pool and other facilities, One looks, the base of the According to reports, the base daily garrison of about 4,500 people,

The news touched us for this from the reporter’s excitement, beside the Australian soldiers hand surprise They take the initiative to stop the car and generous agree to our camera. According to them, the first group of 200-250 people, the U.S. Marines will be stationed in Robertson Barracks, will be transferred after six months of training to distance about 750 km at another military base.

Prior to the United States and Australia, media reports said the United States will establish a military command center in Darwin, Coonawarra Naval Base, the final size of 2500 Marines. This will be since World War II, the United States for the first time such a large-scale combat troops deployed in the South Pacific. Australian military officials said, there is also not new for the U.S. military camp, but will increase with the garrison and the construction of the According to reports, last year, more than 100 U.S. Marines came here with Australia soldiers live and eat together. Australia to the U.S. military to provide

Darwin’s climate does not seem suitable for military training. We arrived the same day, here more than 80% relative humidity, damp, suffocating. Chris said, pointing to a site in the barracks wet to make the house had a few years on the renovation of the first. Changes in local weather is also erratic, one minute ago, the sea, one minute after it began pouring rain. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, but the U.S. military decided to be stationed in this local geographical location Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory in Australia, known as the portal of Australia to Southeast Asia, it is only a few hundred kilometers from Indonesia’s recent place of about 2000 km from the South China Sea. Was this place called the Lachlan Brigadier General: U.S. military professionalism is very high, but they are not enough attention to certain areas, we can provide them with regional experience. the U.S. military base in Darwin is the

The United States are friends, but the allies only a

Hundreds of aircraft of Japan fighter planes took off from the aircraft carrier, followed by the bombing so that a weekday prosperous city into a cry for help. This is described in the movie Darwin is the only Australian native city suffered from the war baptism. Beginning in 1942, during World War II, here a total of the Japanese bombing of 63, known as the Pearl Harbor of Australia.

70 years later, walking the streets in Darwin, is still very easy to feel the legacy of memories of war. Pier in Erke Mountain, Stowe, a monument on account of the suffering experienced. The ruins of another World War II oil pipeline is to remind Australia The history behind a common shadow: the United States. Here is the place of U.S. forces in the Pacific theater to fight back, U.S.

In November last year, before Obama announced the garrison Darwin, first He said that 30 years of service on several occasions and U.S. military cooperation. For Australians, the Australian-US military cooperation is not news.

In Australia, this view is the market in terms of military or civil. The Neil OLM is the first assistant secretary of the Department of Defense in charge of international policy in Australia, and has participated in the defense of Australia and strategic consultation. He believes that Chinese people do not believe that the U.S. troops stationed in Macao is not aimed at China, is due to ignorance of Macao and the United States a century of cooperation. Parliament building in the city of Darwin, Northern Territory Library, some local people say they know that the U.S. military, but neither surprised nor worried, If this decision is not announced in the Obama visit to Australia, would not have generated so many misconceptions, but also more in line with the Australian interests of Australia Roy Institute for International Policy in East Asia Project Director Linda.

The agency has conducted a public opinion survey results show that before 2008, the friendly Australians a yearly basis, but since 2008, the Australian perception of China is Rory · 梅德卡尔夫, said the Australian people are increasingly worried about China’s military power and influence, he believes that the key reason is the He said the US-Australia alliance against uncertainty, while the future of Macau to China at this stage is too much uncertainty. Australia and the United States and trilateral relations 梅德卡尔夫 word to describe: the United States and all the friends in Australia, but only one ally.

Australian multiple-choice

At present, China is Australia’s largest trading partner. In Australia, the sentence sounds insipid statements anytime, anywhere to get a vivid interpretation. Sydney’s famous Manly Beach is surrounded by many shops selling tourist products, the clerk saw the reporter an awkward look at the label on the T-shirt, suddenly blurting: a not souvenirs made in China is not easy. Seem to fear that the Chinese identity affect the credibility of these words, he deliberately added, the Australians think so.

China, China continues to grow and imports are confident of the Australian economy. But China’s development is coming economic vision beyond the Australians, it is too strong, even a threat to the US-led Asia strategy. The strategic future of the United States-led is selected in Australia. Wright said:

In the Australian Defense Department officials OLM opinion, this is not a multiple-choice questions in Australia. He said that Australia is in a very interesting position, the question is how to balance all the relationships, and both sides are friends. This allows the reporter to think of to see the scene in the city of Darwin, Northern Territory Parliament House. An entrance of the parliament building in this city that the U.S. is about to move in suspension of the in China.


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