Dana Rohrabacher

The international online Zhuangao : According to British the nomination of the Congressional Gold Medal , Gold Medal is awarded the highest civilian honor .
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Doctors名叫沙基尔Afridi Shakeel Afridi . He has participated in the U.S. CIA ‘s so-called . Afridi has been detained three weeks after U.S. special forces killed bin Laden raid .

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee of supervision and investigation of the Subcommittee , Xi Dana Rolle Buck (Dana Rohrabacher ) said recently that he is trying to Afridi to get the Congressional Gold Medal nominations . He said:

Government of Pakistan responsible for the investigation of bin Laden hiding event committee has said that Afridi conspiracy against the State , its behavior should be regarded as treason , can be put to death . Current U.S. efforts by giving Afridi U.S. citizenship in order to protect his safety


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