476-952 U.S. dollars

Eriksson, professor of the Naval War College and Collins, in the Japanese diplomat site February 21, wrote, with the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, working overseas Chinese workers are facing a In this context, private security companies to set their sights aimed at the foreign, Shandong, a private security Insurance Company is to open up Iraq to open up the market, if successful, will encourage more Chinese security companies to go overseas.
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The article said that with the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Chinese private security companies are looking for opportunities. However, above the road ahead, there are still many complex to wait for them. Chinese overseas workers are facing a Recently, 29 Chinese workers were kidnapped in Sudan (during the period, a worker was shot and killed) and 25 Chinese workers were kidnapped in Egypt, which caused a strong reaction in China. Therefore, Beijing is seeking to strengthen the functions of the consular services to protect the work and travel overseas Chinese citizens. Enterprises, private analysts have urged before the expatriates, the first of its more effective training. However, 847,000 Chinese workers and 16 000 Chinese companies across the world, many of them to the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan region, so to meet the needs of these major projects and the safety of workers, China needs to be done may be more than an increase in the number of consular staff.

The article said, it is increasingly dangerous situation, so that security companies saw an opportunity. Opinion, Shandong Warwick Security Group is the leader of the Chinese security industry – focused on a strong domestic market, providing bodyguards and security services. Warwick Security Group to provide domestic services, but in October 2010, in Beijing, the center of the The center was founded on the press conference, Warwick security groups it clear that the key to its target for the Iraqi market motivation: the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq, the country may result in a security vacuum. Now, Chinese investors are rapidly increasing presence in Iraq. For example, the China National Petroleum Group is helping to develop oil projects in Iraq, the scale is likely to be far more than its flagship project in Sudan; Chinese construction company is also possible in the reconstruction of Iraq and the national civil and energy-related infrastructure – these facilities due to years of war destruction and neglect – to improve the play a central role.

The article said that the the the Shandong Warwick Security Group and other emerging security companies may also target the Afghan market. The U.S. government geological survey shows the huge potential of the mineral resources of Afghanistan, lithium, copper, cobalt, iron ore and other mineral reserves could be worth up to $ 1,000,000,000,000. Chinese mining and construction companies may follow the example of China Metallurgical Group Corporation is developing Afghanistan Aynak large copper, a major push into the Afghan market.

The article said that the Aynak copper project located close to the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division troops and benefit, but as the Washington strive to the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan in 2014, the Chinese miners will increasingly rely on their own protect its own security. In Afghanistan and Iraq, more and more Chinese companies and workers are forced to adapt to the environment of large-scale U.S. military to provide effective security umbrella militant attacks, banditry and other physical threats and security risks increase, and may prompt them to find new armed security provider – is likely, this is the Shandong Warwick and its peers are looking for business opportunities.

Fill the vacuum

The article said that China set up to focus on overseas markets for private security company in the first attempt occurred in 2004 – At that time, a Ningbo businessmen formed a bodyguard company, said its staff mainly from the Chinese Special Forces and the People’s Armed Police . In contrast, the size of Shandong Warwick security group advance to the Iraqi security market larger, more targeted. On the official website of his company, Warwick Security Group, said, from a retired special forces, army and People’s Armed Police personnel recruiting. In addition, the company also made special mention including the country of its staff personnel serving in Iraq – for example, may have retired armed police to protect the Chinese ambassador to Iraq.

The article said, It is understood that other security companies in China have not yet protect Chinese overseas enterprises to make a public statement. However, if the Shandong Warwick Group is able to successfully explore the Iraqi market, then most likely there will be more Chinese companies targeting overseas markets, especially in the domestic private security market increasingly saturated. However, the global private security market is increasingly competitive, then, why the Chinese company will consider employment Shandong Warwick security groups, such companies, rather than the Control Risks, G4S or other well-known global security company? One answer is has been proven the advantage: price. Chinese sources said, China’s private security companies a monthly fee for RMB 3000-6000 yuan (476-952 U.S. dollars). Therefore, a squad of 12 security personnel per day cost of 190-381 U.S. dollars. With Afghan local private security insurance company’s price is quite affordable but more than the asking price of Western security companies. Moreover, even if the demand and wages of experienced former tactical operations (ex-tactical operators) are growth, China’s private security companies may be able to maintain their price advantage. The capacity is also included in the calculation factors. In terms of capacity, Shandong Warwick is not a In view of the Overseas Division of the majority of Chinese security company is likely to absorb those who have personnel serving in the police elite forces and the armed forces (such as snow leopard anti-terrorism force), its overall protection level of skills is likely much higher than Iraq or Afghanistan, local security company, and closer to the quality of a hired Western security personnel security. May join China Overseas Private security Insurance Company, will not have the combat experience of the members of such company for similar Blackwater College (formerly Blackwater / Xe), but they also can carry out different types of action; Likewise, they can not be offensive-oriented participants in the conflict – like Blackwater in Iraq has done.

The article said that in the eyes of the Chinese company, reliability is another selling point of such companies in Shandong Warwick. In fact, the overseas projects of local forces to protect the records of the Chinese workers are not good. According to statistics, since 2004, at least 43 Chinese citizens were killed in the violent attacks abroad, including in the local forces such as the Sudan should be the protection of foreign workers. In addition, the reputation of the danger zone, the local Afghan security forces, especially poor. In October 2009, the Taliban attackers easily defeated the Afghan guards killed 11 people in Kabul, a United Nations guesthouse, including five United Nations personnel. In view of the local forces are often unreliable, but also by complex local and tribal political influence, and therefore has great appeal from the national to select a reliable security company. For company managers, a private security company owned by a common language and cultural familiarity may also be a great comfort, because of the extremely conducive to the exchange, especially in the event of an emergency.

Strategic significance

The article said that in future crisis involving Chinese citizens abroad, the Chinese armed contractors is likely to be more frequently appear, because it provides an option for Chinese companies and workers to obtain armed protection, so that they do not need to take a more cumbersome and more Foreign risk measures: a real soldier deployed overseas, to protect the Chinese workers and economic assets in the volatile region. The Wall Street Journal reported that in the recent hostage crisis in Sudan, more than a dozen armed private security companies, members of the Sudanese soldiers involved in the rescue operation. Although this report and the relevant articles of the Chinese media did not point out Baocheng these members from where they are likely to also former members of the security forces – and Shandong Warwick employee from the same source, there may even come from this company. Chinese sources said, told the media that the Chinese security personnel involved in rescue operations regarding the soldiers of the Sudan, so it appears that the Beijing government does not want to let the public know of its employment of private security companies regarding.

The article said that the rise of China’s private armed security companies to produce a series of strategic impact. First, if a project is too unstable areas, need to hire private armed security, then security personnel and may be associated with potentially hostile locals the possibility of armed conflict. Along with their police or military background, appearance and actions of security personnel is likely to be similar to the soldiers, but also may be equipped with similar types of weapons. Well, this is likely to cause confusion, because in some places, such as Sudan, an appearance similar to the soldiers of private security with the rebels or the other of negotiating, will be other people mistakenly believe that the official staff of the Chinese government forces. If the locals have relatives near the drilling site in China was like the Chinese soldiers, security shot, then he most likely will blame to the Beijing head, which may lead to is not conducive to additional conflict of local interests. All this question: If there is such as Blackwater USA security situation in Iraq in 2004, China’s private security companies encounter ? In hostile territory far from home, a lot of things are out of control, even the ranks of outstanding abilities, prepare sufficient so. If the success of the Sudan, Iraq or Afghanistan rebels ambushed a Chinese private security personnel, will be ready to take punitive measures? An Baocheng contractor in the U.S. Special Forces are stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan theater machine was attacked, and whether Beijing is willing to seek U.S. help, to carry out rescue operations?

The article said that the employment of private security personnel company must find a way to resolve the conflict with the local army and security forces before the protection of workers and supplies. Eventually may pay a double security costs – part of the payment to the dissatisfaction of the local commander, the other part is paid to the Chinese private security companies to provide practical security services. The Chinese government and Chinese companies are increasingly rich reality, this situation may be exacerbated. Beijing has always rely on to pay the ransom to rescue the hostages, which may become the source of a lot of turmoil in the region’s economic If the People’s Liberation Army to evacuate Chinese citizens from the conflict zone – just like in the spring of 2011 has done – and Beijing’s reluctance to provide urgent security needs of private armed contractors, such limits will be very fuzzy. Another problem is the regulatory activity of legitimate Code of Conduct for Chinese overseas security personnel. China is a signatory of the However, this document is not legally binding. The solution on this issue, China is likely to be taken by laws passed by the National People’s Congress in 2011 to curb the bribery of overseas companies and to private security companies to provide services outside of China to develop a binding rules and regulations.

The article said that a broader level, even if the Chinese government has formulated the legal system, the management of private enterprises in the security company in the overseas activities involving these companies in overseas events, it will bring to China a large number of legal and diplomatic challenges. For example, the outside is strongly suspected, if the Chinese contractor crimes committed in Sudan or Iraq, will quietly be sent home to legal sanctions, without the risk of retaliatory trial let the face of the local judiciary to commence on foreign nationals. Conversely, it will almost certainly strengthen the view that: incompetent local government at the expense of local people the cost of the desire for justice, to allow Chinese people to enjoy extraterritoriality. Finally, for small business owners and small businesses may be venturing into dangerous areas, private security services may still be able to withstand starting. As a result, those who experienced retired people’s armed police to protect Chinese merchant, there may be an anti-China or want their governments to take the goal of the local group of hard-line stance. In this case, Beijing needs to be done with both hands to prepare: First, to solve the diplomatic issues due to the overseas activities of Chinese private security companies; Second, the protection can not expand the effective tracking and protection of small business owners – the fate of these people arouse nationalist feelings in the country, thus forcing the Chinese government was forced to respond to


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