Reminded of the intimate honeymoon

New face of romantic honeymoon must be full of longing and expectation, therefore, required careful planning of new people to choose both a very desirable location, share the life of an unforgettable romantic honeymoon.

Trip type: new self-help are required, or semi-self-help, can be considered from this aspect are not required to choose a travel agency to arrange travel, or both on their own, more free.

To attractions: In accordance with the length of a new marriage, new people enjoy the mountains or the sea, as well as local seasonal climate, new people can spend the cost of his journey is not easy to decide to place.

Of course, the honeymoon should be a new leisure-oriented, so I chose to have the natural beauty of attractions for good.

Tourism the number of days: 1-2 weeks is the right time, in order to avoid tiring journey, do not prolong the time to put in order to avoid damage to the honeymoon sweet atmosphere.

Clothing: a comfortable and generous clothing appropriate to facilitate make a sightseeing tour along the way. Would also like to prepare a more formal clothing, met for a solemn occasion to wear. Tens of millions in mind that unnecessary not wearing jewelry as far as possible to avoid trouble in unfamiliar places the upper part of the body.

Fresh: eating out, because conditions, gastrointestinal health first important or should not be greedy in order to quench their thirst on the roadside just buy something to eat, paying particular attention to food hygiene. Usually not eaten the food, not eat too much, you can taste a little.

Living: in an unfamiliar place, we must remember that “safe” word. One checked into the hotel, it is necessary to learn more about the surrounding environment and from the traffic route, the route of escape story in particular to memorize. Leave, and then around the circle outside the house to see if there are things forgotten.

Line: the line of travel clearance must bear in mind that there can be few cars can take, it is necessary to remember license plate numbers and cooked back at the time of the selection of a pair of good travel sites to wear comfortable shoes and strong grip. Kyosho Usually walk to the attention of many around the building, etc., clearly marked.

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