On the 20th

On the 20th, the South Korean Defense Ministry press office said the South Korean military day as originally planned two hours of the sea North Korea strongly condemned the exercise, and responded that has been prepared for war.
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South Korean Defense Ministry said the exercise began around 9:00 GMT and is scheduled to last one to two hours, the Marines second time this year held in the West Sea islands live fire training is a

South Korean military also announced that the purpose of shooting training Fire training in the use of the K9 self-guns, 105 mm and 81 mm mortars and other weapons, firing 5,000 rounds. Office of the Defense Ministry officials said the injection of the shells landed south of the NLL. According to South Korean media reports, participate in live-fire training, weapons and equipment, including self-propelled artillery,

It is reported that in retaliation to prevent North Korea, South Korean military command that day forward force of artillery fire from entering standby, and start shelling Discovery radar and other equipment. However, the Ministry of National Defense Information Office officials said that so far, have not yet found the Korean army in particular trends.

Furthermore, on the 20th Korea-US in the mountains near the western waters of Korea held a five-day large-scale anti-submarine joint military exercises code-named

Although South Korea has repeatedly stressed that the shooting training in areas of northwest islands is the usual routine training. The DPRK side on the 20th press release to respond, said North Korea

Press release also said that the South Korean side at Panmunjom on the 19th, using a megaphone in western waters paekyong the taeyonpyong area in a circular will be 20 at 10 am on 30 targets in the waters of the DPRK artillery live-firing exercises. The communique also stressed that this is an extremely dangerous act of playing with fire. If the ROK despite the warnings of the DPRK insisted on first firing was thousands of times in the shelling taeyonpyong the punishment. This will completely ruin the North-South relations.

Toward the waters for the exercise goal?

On the other hand, according to Han Jun, officials say, the South Korean military representatives at Panmunjom on the 19th to the DPRK notice is scheduled to hold a live firing training. The press release said, the South Korean side of Panmunjom, loudspeaker notice will conduct live-fire artillery training goal of the DPRK waters. The DPRK subsequently announced responded by saying that if South Korea crossed the line violate the DPRK’s territorial waters, the North Korean army would be

Position for the DPRK, South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jinjiong Xi said at a press conference in the 20th,

Inter-Korean border demarcation of the western waters of the Korean peninsula has been divided. South Korea including taeyonpyong including In November 2010, the two Koreas in the vicinity of the Comprehensive AP

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Korea more than a thousand residents of the air-raid shelter refuge

South Korean military exercise that day, more than 1,400 local residents according to the military into the air-raid shelter to asylum. Before the start of the training, the South Korean military arrange some Northwest residents of the island into the air-raid shelter to escape, and training after the end of the lifting of the air-raid siren.

Incheon the Ongjin government officials said, the

The Ongjin 19 and 20 have been broadcast notification, residents need to go to the air-raid shelter refuge exercises. County government staff at the scene to help residents safe refuge. (And)

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Jinzhengen the first ascent of

According to U.S. media reported on the 18th, the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Military Commission, vice chairman of jinzhengen will become the front cover of the U.S. The upcoming latest release of the February 27, This is jinzhengen board the The magazine also one called ‘to meet jinzhengen

Will be issued over the same period the overseas edition of

The article also revealed that the child jinzhengen very like to play basketball, and the captain, but also exchanges with teammates after the game


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