the reporter is the most contact from the Air Force’s military deputies. Place in them

The sky is an ocean, the country’s economic construction, social development and national defense and security. In interviews these days, the reporter is the most contact from the Air Force’s military deputies. Place in them, the reporter felt they stood in politics on the national stage, always mindful of the blue sky, strong qualities to seek to win fabulous.
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The face of new situation and tasks, the Air Force must implement the requirements of the theme of the main line of defense and army building, unswervingly adhere to the standards of combat effectiveness, and always put the combat effectiveness of the standard on winning local wars under conditions of informatization, on improving the information-based systems system operational capability.

representative of the Guangzhou Military Region Air Force commander Gao dimensional Zhuqing Yi, former deputy commander of the Lanzhou Military Region and the Lanzhou Military Region Air Force commander, former deputy commander of the Jinan Military Area Command and the Air Force commander of the Jinan Military Region Liu Zhongxing and so on, to collect a lot of insights on improving the military capabilities of the Air Force core in the exploration and practice: To continue to deepen the transformation of thinking and understanding, strengthen the combat effectiveness under conditions of informatization Formation Rules and improve information-led, technology push against the system, comprehensive integration, the the Fabric ability training concepts used to guide the practice of training.

It is understood that in recent years, in order to build the core military capabilities, the Air Force to systematically reform forming a new mode of combat training under conditions of informatization.

In this regard, on behalf of the Air Force chief of staff of the Chengdu Military Region D – Sale, deep feelings: the abolition of the tower commander, the pilot lost rely on the commander taking off and landing root significantly enhance the ability to special situations, forces real combat level has increased dramatically, becoming an important symbol of the Air Force transformation under conditions of informatization training by training under mechanized conditions to greatly enhance the core military capabilities.

Look at Ding Lai Hang on behalf of the He has led the troops to complete the air-ground joint exercise under conditions of informatization, the penetration raids and air combat exercises, and other major tasks. He proposed to speed up the Air Force combat effectiveness of the paradigm shift to military training mode change as a breakthrough, accelerate the transformation of the combat effectiveness model.

expansion plan is to contact the reforms and preparations for military struggle to the actual, full-field in full swing, and continuously improve the Air Force combat capability under conditions of informatization.

From the grassroots level, certain air force division vice captain Chen Shuwei representatives also have something to say:

Cheng Xiaojian on behalf of the Air Force troops first female teachers. She said that in recent years, the Air Force has been involved in the South against snow disaster, Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake relief, southwest drought, Libya evacuation and a series of non-war military operations, played a vanguard, the head of the special role of exercise troops to perform a variety of military tasks, to test the Air Force’s combat level.

As you say, I am a language, a sense of crisis of contemporary military and winning sense of loneliness. changes, the Air Force will be able to effectively the needs of the people to fulfill the sacred mission.


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