the driver has been detained

Global Network reporter Li reported that according to the U.S. Fox News reported on March 14 , an American military official said on the 14th , earlier in the day visit to Helmand province , southern Afghanistan , the U.S. Secretary of Defense , Panetta , and almost high-speed rush of the pickup hit . The officer said the incident was not an accident, was a
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It is reported that Panetta ‘s special plane landed at a British airport in Helmand province on the morning of the 14th , a Afghans driving a stolen pickup truck at high speed rushed near the runway , struck a foreign soldiers . but the car eventually fall into a dry ditch, Panetta and his party are safe .

Afghans who caught fire, but the car did not explode . Pentagon spokesman Little said in a statement , did not find the explosives, the driver has been detained, the incident is under investigation .

The official said he did not know whether the alleged Afghans know that Panetta will be visiting , but he was able to determine this is certainly not an accident . Received the news of Fox News show that the assailant is an Afghan interpreter , carrying gasoline and a lighter in the car while the car is stolen from a coalition of members of Her Majesty .

Panetta , 14, penetration Afghanistan . Three days before his visit , an American soldier was killed 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar province , leading to tense situation in Afghanistan . Panetta said he would not allow independent events to undermine the U.S. military mission in Afghanistan


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