Korea Customs: Girl Can not Marry when fewer things

30 years ago, when the Korean daughter, blankets are essential dowry, and the quilt are the must also be the kind of manual of . In recent years, although Korea still the custom of dowry, but the list of dowry have been great changes have taken place, home theater and plasma television instead of blankets, objects become due.

In October last year, South Korea announced a shopping website, according to a survey at the bride’s dowry cost of Korea, two-thirds are used to buy electrical appliances. According to LG and Samsung for selling electrical products, experts estimate that 20% of Korea appliances are newlyweds at the time of the sale go out.

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27-year-old Miss Jin had just married a year ago, in talking about the electrical problem before marriage to buy, she said: “I want to buy a smaller television,did not expect, my husband’s face on the elongated , if not how to say. Finally, I had no choice but to surrender, said OK, I give you to buy a large color TV. his face cleared immediately, and that point could be sponsored. ”

Yang Cun electrical shopping malls are a sales manager, he always contact premarital couple to purchase merchandise. A prolonged period of observation to enable him to draw a conclusion: the bride of the home is more keen interest in commodities, while the groom is usually more concerned about the new audio-visual products.

Of course there are exceptions. 30-year-old bride-ho very enjoy Songsu Electric, she put most of their budget on the purchase of household appliances on. Spending too much weight because of this, she can only buy furniture lowering of standards, so that her husband has just passed the honeymoon began to complain that television did not look good too uncomfortable sofa.

Wedding planning experts million Jinshan said that she was at the groom to accompany, if the groom in the large-screen flat-panel television before the switch, could not bear to leave, she will persuade the screen too much television is not appropriate for the new house space. “However, there is also a couple yield. They have my recommendation at first bought a small television, but after a few days, the groom to change and run a National Taiwan University.”

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